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to err is human (to forgive is divine)

Being fallible and making mistakes is inherent to being a human, and forgiving such mistakes is a transcendent act. I know you're mad at your brother because he lied, but to err is human, you know. To forgive is divine.
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to err is human, to forgive divine

it is human nature to make mistakes yourself while finding it hard to forgive others. proverb
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How could one be content," he reflects, "with the namelessness of mere energy, with the less than individuality of a power, that for all its mysterious divineness, was yet unconscious, beneath good and evil?
In contradiction to female and male reciprocity towards attaining divineness, as practised by Kemites for centuries earlier, and in ignorance of its meaning, foreigners imitated and redesigned Kemet in their own image, applying their own values and corrupting existing ones.
Nor can it be questioned from what stands on legendary record of this noble horse, that it was his spiritual whiteness chiefly, which so clothed him with divineness; and that this divineness had that in it which, though commanding worship, at the same time enforced a certain nameless terror.
These images of suffering or divineness must be revised in order to come to an inclusive understanding of disability and to honor the "ordinary" lives that most individuals with disabilities live every day.
It makes room for some of that divineness to enter, and when that happens, if we have decisions to make they won't be made by our normal selves but with divine intervention.