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divine right

1. The belief that one's power as a ruler comes from, is assigned by, or is justified by a deity, usually the Christian God. The dictator espouses a divine right to rule the land, using the country's deep-seated religious beliefs to deflect criticism and attract supporters. The monarchy has always operated on the belief that its authority is derived from divine right, not the assent of its subjects.
2. An inherent and incontestable right (to something). Look, you may have worked here for a long time, but that doesn't give you some sort of divine right to be first in line for the promotion. People have a divine right to defend themselves from harm when threatened.
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to err is human (to forgive is divine)

proverb Being fallible and making mistakes is inherent to being a human, and forgiving such mistakes is a transcendent act. I know you're mad at your brother because he lied, but to err is human, you know. To forgive is divine.
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to err is human, to forgive divine

it is human nature to make mistakes yourself while finding it hard to forgive others. proverb
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The divine office, or the "public prayer of the church," began when early Christians maintained the Jewish practice of praying the psalms at particular points of the day.
In the country, the center of celebrations will be the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan, which is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year particularly during the Holy Week.
At St Mary's there will be Mass at 10am followed by a Holy Hour at 11am to celebrate the opening of the Divine Mercy Shrine, which the Friends of Divine Mercy Scotland have been working on for the last few months with Rev Jude Okorie, parish priest.
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In more Scholastic terms, his interest is in the divine agere rather than the divine esse.
At present, many of the cells of this Christ body are unaware of their divine calling, unaware of how special they are in the eyes of God, and unconscious of the fact that they are already living their lives as part of this cosmic body.
Their perspective is helpful in understanding the Divine Spirit who births and sustains all of life.
The character of the divine female is ever-present in the history of ancient Europe.
Personal care products company DS Healthcare Group Inc (NasdaqCM: DSKX) revealed on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of Mexico City-based Divine Skin Laboratories SA.
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