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cross the Great Divide

To die. I'm really scared that mom is going to cross the Great Divide any day now. The doctors are saying that it's only a matter of time.
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divide (something) by (something)

To divide something into a specified number of parts, which is listed after "by." OK class, now what is the answer when we divide six by two?
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divide and conquer

1. To gain or maintain power by generating tension among others, epecially those less powerful, so that they cannot unite in opposition. Rachel is so popular because she divides and conquers all of her minions and makes sure they all dislike each other.
2. To accomplish something by having several people work on it separately and simultaneously. The only way we'll ever get this project finished on time is if we divide and conquer. I'll put the slides together while you type up the hand-out.
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divide (something) fifty-fifty

To split something evenly between both parties. I promised the kids that I would divide the last cookie fifty-fifty. Because you helped me so much with the yard sale, I want to divide the profits fifty-fifty.
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divide and rule

To gain or maintain power by fomenting discord among people so that they do not unite in opposition. The ascendancy of the faction occurred because they were able to divide and rule—they fooled the other parties into fighting while they rose to power.
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divide by something

to perform mathematical division by a particular number. Can you divide by sixteens? Add this figure to the next column and divide by twenty.
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something between people or things to give shares of something to specific people or groups. (In a strict sense, only between two entities. Informally, between two or more.) I will have to divide the toys between the two children. He divided the tasks between the day crew and the night crew.

divide something by something

 to perform mathematical division on something, using a particular number. Now, divide this sum by the figure in column seven. Can you divide
1. ,400 by 59?
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divide something fifty-fifty

 and split something fifty-fifty
to divide something into two equal parts. (The fifty means 50 percent.) Tommy and Billy divided the candy fifty-fifty. The robbers split the money fifty-fifty.
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divide something (off)

 (from something or animals)
1. to separate something from something else. Let's divide the chickens off from the ducks and put the chickens in the shed. We divided off the chickens from the ducks.
2. to separate something from something else, using a partition. We divided the sleeping area off from the rest of the room. A curtain was used to divide off a sleeping area.


(something) (up) (between someone or something) and divide something (up) (among someone or something) to give something out in shares to people or groups. (More informal with up. Between with two;among with more.) Please divide this up between the visitors. Cut the birthday cake and divide it up among all the party guests. Please divide up this pie between the children.

divide and conquer

Also, divide and govern or rule . Win by getting one's opponents to fight among themselves. For example, Divide and conquer was once a very successful policy in sub-Saharan Africa. This expression is a translation of the Latin maxim, Divide et impera ("divide and rule"), and began to appear in English about 1600.
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divide and conquer


divide and rule

COMMON If you try to divide and conquer or divide and rule, you try to keep control over a group of people by encouraging them to argue amongst themselves. Trade unions are concerned that management may be tempted into a policy of divide and rule. The Summit sends a very strong message to him that he's not going to divide and conquer. Note: This expression has its origin in the Latin phrase `divide et impera'. It describes one of the tactics which the Romans used to rule their empire.
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divide and rule (or conquer)

the policy of maintaining supremacy over your opponents by encouraging dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting against you.
This is a maxim associated with a number of rulers, and is found in Latin as divide et impera and in German as entzwei und gebiete . Since the early 17th century, English writers have often wrongly attributed it to the Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli ( 1469–1527 ).
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diˌvide and ˈrule

keep control over people by making them disagree with and fight each other, therefore not giving them the chance to unite and oppose you together: a policy of divide and rule
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great divide

n. a divorce. How did Sam survive the great divide?
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SEIU locals have been helping to bridge the digital divide by increasing the access of working people and their families to new technology.
Libraries, venerable public institutions that have been pioneers in providing access to new technology for everyone--really, the first community technology centers--have an important role to play in partnership with unions in helping working people and their families bridge the digital and information divide.
AB divides into A1B1 and A2B2 Partnerships, by transferring P to A1B1 and Q to A2B2 in Sec.
Example 19: D Partnership divides into two continuing/resulting partnerships, D1 and D2; D1 is the divided partnership.
As I stated in our book, 'From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity,' what better way is there today for us to make a difference in the 21st century knowledge-based global economy than providing digital education to the millions everywhere yearning for it," said Dr.
Out of the chaos of this extraordinary moment in American history, the next president will have the opportunity to reach across the lines of gender, race, class and party and find the common ground or risk bearing the blame for the deepening divide.
The featured luncheon speaker was Michael Peevey, president of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), who delivered a stellar talk on "Market Dynamics and Addressing the Digital Divide.
All three products feature 4-level logic pins that are used to program divide ratios, phase offsets, delays and output logic levels.
All three products feature divide ratios in the range of 1 to 32, and user-selectable phase offsets.
Bobbi Farrell, chairwoman of the 31st District PTSA School District Reorganization Task Force, said the group will look at other scenarios that would divide the Valley into even smaller areas.
She said the 31st District's three scenarios don't divide the Valley enough and that they propose school systems that continue to be too large for effective neighborhood schooling.
While some cells, such as the brain's neurons, rarely divide in adults, biologists believe that every cell can double its contents and split in two if given the proper signals.
Utilizing this framework, the study found that there is no single digital divide -- there are multiple digital divides based on these factors.
Investigators have made another curious observation in their test tubes and petri dishes: The length of the telomeres in a human cell can predict how long that cell will continue to divide in culture.
Dash was included in a list of innovators, millionaires, visionaries, and moguls, including Ron Perelman, Geraldine Laybourne, Mel Karmazin and more, as an Internet entrepreneur and pioneer in the noble mission to close the "digital divide," a line that divides technology "haves" and "have nots.