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Tipperary acting manager Nessa Joyce said: "We divide races to help the industry and often we get calls from trainers days beforehand asking us to divide certain races when the number of entries are big.
His use of inclusive language (though not for God), his concern that the church has fallen short in erasing the divide between male and female (Gal 3:28), and his concern for justice issues suggest progressiveness.
Although divorcing couples usually disagree about how to divide their property, local statutes and case law largely determine value and proportionate ownership.
All of these resources offer wonderful opportunities for unions and libraries to form partnerships for bridging the digital and information divide.
It divides into AB Partnership, BC Partnership and CD Partnership.
Appu Kuttan, Chairman and Founder of CyberLearning, the global nonprofit leader in digital education, was yesterday awarded the prestigious "2006 Champions of Digital Literacy Inspiration Award" for making the most contributions globally to bridging the digital divide in 2006.
Tuesday's election illuminated a deep divide, not simply in American politics, but among Americans themselves and where they live.
In his address, Pastor focused on four ideas to address the state's many social and economic divides.
6 GHz to the AD9513/14/15, which perform divides, phase offsets, and delays in close proximity to the circuits needing clocks.
Each time a cell divides, however, it shaves off a portion of this chromosomal DNA.
Another scenario divides the Valley along the San Diego Freeway, creating a West Valley district and an East Valley district.
Social divides: Despite an appearance of wealth, social divides are widening in many developed countries.
After all, before a cell divides, its chromosomes must duplicate, separate into two sets, and move to opposite sides of the cell.
The GCAB's most recent report, entitled "Charting & Bridging Digital Divides," is the first study of its kind to compare and synthesize research about the digital divide in eight countries conducted over the past ten years.