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pay dividends

To cause or produce good results in the future due to an investment of time, money, or other resources. The amount of time the team has dedicated to practice and drilling has been paying dividends, as they've been dominating the competition so far this season. Being disciplined in the way you study now will pay dividends by the time your exams come around.
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peace dividend

The money a country stands to save or even earn by not engaging in war or buying weaponry. Our government has been resolute in its decision not to engage in this dispute, instead investing the peace dividend back into social infrastructure like health care and public transportation.
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pay dividends

COMMON If something pays dividends, it brings advantages at a later date. Taking time out to get fit will pay dividends in the long run. Martin went out of his way to lavish attention on Mrs. Eaton, a move which later paid big dividends. Note: A dividend is a payment of profits that is divided among all the shareholders of a company.
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pay ˈdividends

produce great advantages or profits: Learning a foreign language will always pay dividends.Hard work while you’re young pays dividends later.
If you invest in a company, the money you receive as your share of the profit is called a dividend.
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a/the ˈpeace dividend

money that governments save by not buying weapons: The Health Service should benefit from the peace dividend.
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Dividend policy is one of the topics which is much debated for many decades, but some circumstances and facts have entangled the topic.
Accordingly, Consistent with earlier periods with several dividends in close proximity, the company issued this reminder regarding its upcoming dividend activity since there are multiple ex-dividend and payment dates in December 2017.
The board also declared dividends for the following US$ Non-Cumulative First Preferred Shares.
The board also announced dividends on the following non-cumulative first preferred shares, payable on and after August 24, 2015, to shareholders of record at the close of business on July 27, 2015.
The quarterly dividend amounts to $2.65 per share, and the total payout will amount to around $2.5 billion.
Further, the unclaimed dividend has also been piling up on the books of listed companies.
This will also improve the unclaimed dividend position in the books of companies.
Safety: With their cash payouts and history of profitability, dividend stocks tend to do relatively well in bear markets, "Some studies have shown that dividend-paying stocks have significantly outperformed non-dividend payers in down markets going as far back as 1970," says Tom Lydon, president of Global Trends Investments in Irvine, California, and founder of ETFTrends.com.
In designing the Matthews China Dividend Fund, Matthews noted that Asia Pacific has evolved into one of the premier regions for investors seeking growing dividends and yield.
The IRS and Congress have closely scrutinized such arrangements because of their perceived lack of economic substance outside of generating FTCs, especially when a taxpayer claims an FTC on withholding taxes on dividend income, but holds the underlying stock on which the dividend is paid for a relatively short period.
CPA:16--Global's dividend increased to $0.001241 per share per day that an investor was a shareholder of record.
Under IRC section 162(a)(1), the IRS often seeks to treat a portion of a share holder's salary as a nondeductible constructive dividend if it is excessive or unreasonable.
Dividends can indeed be useful to company insiders, who can use the dividend policy to convey information to investors about the future prospects of the firm.