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pay dividends

To cause or produce good results in the future due to an investment of time, money, or other resources in the present. The amount of time the team has dedicated to practice and drilling has been paying off, as they've been dominating the competition so far this season. Being disciplined in the way you study now will pay dividends by the time your exams come around.
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pay dividends

COMMON If something pays dividends, it brings advantages at a later date. Taking time out to get fit will pay dividends in the long run. Martin went out of his way to lavish attention on Mrs. Eaton, a move which later paid big dividends. Note: A dividend is a payment of profits that is divided among all the shareholders of a company.
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pay ˈdividends

produce great advantages or profits: Learning a foreign language will always pay dividends.Hard work while you’re young pays dividends later.
If you invest in a company, the money you receive as your share of the profit is called a dividend.
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a/the ˈpeace dividend

money that governments save by not buying weapons: The Health Service should benefit from the peace dividend.
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The rationale is that under current law, VRP investors which have the virtual assurance of preserving capital and maintaining a under current law, VRP investors, set level of dividend cash flow, will unfairly receive the economic benefit of equity from an investment that has "non-stock" characteristics.
Certain taxpayers in the insurance industry took the position that the (1) portions of prior CRTC [section]24410 that related to commercial domicile and limited the deduction to insurance company dividends paid from California-source income were severable from the statute; and (2) remaining portions of pre-AB 263 CRTC [section]24410 provided for a 100% deduction for dividends received from an 80%-owned insurance company.
The corporation receives a dividend-received deduction of 100 percent of the deductible dividend percentage computed in accordance with Sec.
But dividends for cash cow Microsoft are easy: The company doesn't need to sink all of its earnings into R&D or acquisitions.
In mid-'99, Applied Signal Technology, a Sunnyvale, CA, maker of digital signal processing equipment for the defense industry, paid its first dividend of 25 cents per share annually.
It's not surprising that some of the biggest, most established firms have a history of rising dividend payments.
The proposed elimination of the dividend offset option seems to stem from a belief that recent changes in transfer pricing documentation requirements will soon eliminate the need for section 482 adjustments.
It accomplishes this by stating that no DRD will be allowed for dividends on stock not held for more than 45 days during the 90-day period beginning on a date that is 45 days before the "ax-dividend" date (the dine of demarcation for dividend entitlement).
The initial 1993 policy year dividend declaration anticipates an average return to policyholders of 17 percent.
Although management is cautiously optimistic that operating profitability can be reinstated in 2007, the immediate reinstatement of dividend payments remains uncertain.
965(b)(1) limits the dividend amount eligible for the repatriation DRD.
That is, corporate taxpayers were allegedly not entitled to any relief with respect to the taxes they had overpaid in the past as a result of New Mexico's unconstitutional scheme for taxing dividend income.
Corporate shareholders historically have preferred dividend treatment because of the availability of the corporate dividends-received deduction (DRD).
This represents a 5% increase in real terms over the annual dividends paid in respect of 1992 Realized Net Income, in line with the Company's 1993 dividend policy.
The pro rata dividend declaration is contingent on the completion of the merger prior to the next regularly scheduled dividend record date for Peoples Energy, which is March 22, 2007.