divide (something) by (something)

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divide (something) by (something)

To divide something into a specified number of parts, which is stated after "by." OK class, now what is the answer when we divide six by two?
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divide something by something

 to perform mathematical division on something, using a particular number. Now, divide this sum by the figure in column seven. Can you divide
1. ,400 by 59?
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divide by something

to perform mathematical division by a particular number. Can you divide by sixteens? Add this figure to the next column and divide by twenty.
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At the middle of the forehead horizontally subdivide this upper quoin, and then you have two almost equal parts, which before were naturally divided by an internal wall of a thick tendinous substance.
If 9 is divided by this number, the remainder is 1.
By looking at the six times table 2x6=12, 4x6=24, 6x6=36, 7x6=42, you can find the answer to the question 165 divided by six.
check amount based on tip--Money amount of tip divided by percent of tip
This year, the education workshops are organized in tracks that are divided by topic area.
* Debt service coverage ratio, which is EBITDA divided by annual principal and interest payments.
So the statistic that really matters is not base hits, but batting average, which is base hits divided by official at-bats.
For example, if wax assembly required 23 min./mold, then 23 divided by 4.6 equals five operators.
The amount is the value of all items produced by the country in a year, divided by the population.
RATIO CALCULATION MEANING Liquidity Current Current assets The extent to Ratios divided by which a firm can current meet its liabilities short-term obligations.
Example: 100 cubic feed divided by 1.25 = 80 bushels.
When I asked students for their number sentences, they gave a variety of answers, including "eight divided by three," "twenty-five divided by eight' and "twenty-five divided by three."
To determine the adjusted basis per share, the total cost of the shares in the group at the time of disposition is divided by the total number of shares in the group.
The churches and all religious bodies have a vital role to play, as honest brokers in a society divided by suspicion.
Hospital inpatient operating expense is divided by the total number of cases used in the predicted cost/case calculations to estimate an actual average cost/case.