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divert (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To induce someone or something to change course or direct their attention to something else. Try to divert the cars from the main road onto the side street if you can. Good luck diverting the kids away from cartoons so that they'll do their homework.
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divert someone or something from someone or something

to turn someone or something aside or away from someone or something. We could not divert his attention from his mother. I could not divert the woman from her interest in the book.
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Southwest Air says Flight 1271 was diverted to Sky Harbor International Airport after flight attendants relayed customer observations of unusual behavior of two passengers.
Eight patients had to be diverted from the hospital's A&E because it had become "overstretched".
On Tuesday the city's biggest hospital, the Royal Liverpool, diverted ambulances to other hospitals because it was struggling to cope.
A spokesman for Fazakerley hospital said the ambulance divert was only for an hour and they did not close the unit.
These include setting escalation figures which must be met before hospitals can divert patients to other units.
Secondly, hospitals wanting to divert patients should first check with the proposed alternative A& E department to ensure the problem is not mirrored there.
Longstanding case law and IRS interpretations(17) provide that amounts diverted from a political organization to or for a candidate's personal use are taxable income to him or to the political organization in the year the funds are diverted.
527(d) provides that contributions by a political organization will not be treated as improperly diverted if they are given to (1) another political organization and treated as exempt income of the recipient, (2) a public charity described in Sec.
Pop-up diverts are typically placed in-line within a conveyor system, which allows them to be located just about anywhere conveyors run within a building.
Similar to pop-up units, they are used for lower-volume sorting of about 150 diverts a minute.
After the captain became incapacitated early in the flight, the First Officer issued an emergency call and safely diverted the aircraft to Kuwait," Etihad said in a statement.
In a statement on Wednesday, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier said the aircraft was diverted safely to Kuwait where a medical team was present to assist him.
The official data shows the following diverts were put in place: Three times by Oldham Royal Hospital to North Manchester General; once by North Manchester General to Fairfield Hospital in Bury; once by Wigan Infirmary for Royal Bolton hospital; and once by Wythenshawe Hospital to Manchester Royal Infirmary The NHS were not able to provide any information about one of the diverts.
The 'divert' could be for as little as an half an hour, to most of a day - health bosses were not able to provide this information.
No explosives have been found on board the Turkish Airlines plane that was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland after a security threat on Sunday.