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divert (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To induce someone or something to change course or direct their attention to something else. Try to divert the cars from the main road onto the side street if you can. Good luck diverting the kids away from cartoons so that they'll do their homework.
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divert someone or something from someone or something

to turn someone or something aside or away from someone or something. We could not divert his attention from his mother. I could not divert the woman from her interest in the book.
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I hear this a lot, and I wonder who decided that diverting is a dirty word.
Pay for performance" improves coordination in the channel, but reduces retailers' ability to profit from buying and diverting.
If a jurisdiction has not met the goal, diverting additional C&D debris or the implementation of a program to increase this diversion could save the city substantial fines.
By not diverting, the flight continued for three hours before landing in Newark where McCaskey was transferred to a local hospital.
Our `Extra-Site' e-Business Intelligence services will give Hyatt the in-depth feedback and analysis they need to efficiently identify sites that are diverting traffic and affecting their bottom line.
Using wide, anodized aluminum slats to minimize gaps, the ProSort 400 Elite family of shoe sorters handles high-speed applications that require positive, gentle product diverting.
Officials want to tap into the C&D material stream to help the Alameda County Waste Management Authority meet its goal of diverting 75 percent of its material by 2010, according to the report.
A Flintshire county council spokesman said the order diverting the path had been confirmed and the council had written to householders to inform them.
The lawsuit claims the measure oversteps the power provided to the initiative process and that diverting money from the county would become a gift of public funds, which is prohibited by law.
The plane was diverting to Los Angeles International Airport when contact was lost.
The ProSort 400 family of sorters handles high-speed applications with positive, gentle product diverting.
We were diverting traffic to Magic Mountain Parkway, but it was just causing a gridlock,'' Dolan said.
When a load requires diverting, control logic simultaneously rotates and increases the speed of all the steerable sorter wheels to divert at a 30-degree angle.
Public Works Department officials, however, said this would not be diverting money away from sewage-treatment plants, but using it to make them accessible to the disabled.
Speck, 81, both of Novato, are accused of diverting more than $500,000 paid by taxicab drivers to Veteran's Cab Co.