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divert (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To induce someone or something to change course or direct their attention to something else. Try to divert the cars from the main road onto the side street if you can. Good luck diverting the kids away from cartoons so that they'll do their homework.
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divert someone or something from someone or something

to turn someone or something aside or away from someone or something. We could not divert his attention from his mother. I could not divert the woman from her interest in the book.
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Instinctually, I turned toward our primary divert, the waypoint selected with a distance of 177 miles, and accelerated.
It will eventually divert more than 34,000 tonnes of food store waste away from landfill every year, which will be re-cycled, re-used, turned into energy or sold on.
It takes back to 1998 and even then, since then, they have been telling us that they have no plan to divert the waters of Brahmaputra and even earlier than that there was another proposal, that was in 1990, there was a proposal to divert the waters from Brahmaputra, but that also it never happened and all the time China is saying the same thing that 'we have no plans to divert the Brahmaputra river'," Handique said.
Thirdly, all diverts must be signed off and approved at a director level between the acute Trust and West Midlands Ambulance Service.
Even now, when Granmaw Pettibone takes to shouting it out in the parlor on Wednesday nights, I'm prone to jumping out of my folding chair and heading to the briefed divert.
If the decision by the US authorities to divert a flight is a good one, no-one is complaining, but when an airline is hit by significant diversion costs for (what turns out to be) no valid reason, then surely those responsible for the decision to divert should also be responsible for the associated financial losses to the airlines involved .
The federal deficit diverts billions of your tax dollars to interest payments.
he retained the power to divert income to his son).
The district court held that the state no longer had the authority to divert a portion of the prisoner's income to release accounts while he was confined in a private out-of-state prison.
Concerning the important issue of water rights, Judge Smith stated: "The Government cannot deny citizens access to their vested water rights without providing a way for them to divert that water to another beneficial purpose if one exists.
The Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Foundation is also studying drainage projects, "to divert water back out to rebuild the marsh and restore nutrients," says Radlauer, spreading an aerial map on a counter in Lafitte, Louisiana.
During the closure, route 306 will divert between Manor Road and Grand Parade via Percy Park Road in both directions, calling at stops along the diverted route.
For high-speed sorting of products at a 22-degree angle with less critical close divert centers, the ProSort 121 reaches 400 feet per minute.