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diverge from (something)

To separate from something and travel in a different direction. Be careful to stay on the highway and not get onto one of the roads that diverge from it. The ranger warned us not to diverge from the paved trails.
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diverge from something

to move in a different direction from something. Her line of thinking diverged from generally accepted thought on this point. The driveway diverges from the main road beyond the fence, straight ahead.
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The main and branch total pressure loss coefficients for diverging and converging flow tees were calculated per ASHRAE Standard 120.
A rectangular converging-diverging nozzle with a constant width and divergence angle but variable length of the diverging section was applied for the simulation of isentropic homogeneous flow and equilibrium shock waves in the diverging section.
A parison is extrudated through an annular die with a converging or diverging flow region.
But for half a billion years, these cryptic organisms presumably were slowly evolving, diverging into different lineages and finally becoming big and complex enough to leave a profusion of fossils, beginning about 565 million years ago in the late Vendian geological period and extending into the Cambrian period.
have now succeeded in using a novel "lens" consisting of a bundle of glass fibers threaded with hundreds of microscopic channels to capture diverging X-rays and gradually steer them into an approximately parallel beam.
To address diverging preferences, the industry is now providing new products, such as those including long-term care, or various guarantees to appeal to risk-averse customers.
By guiding X-rays down their lengths, the tubes convert an initially diverging beam of X-rays into a converging beam.
If a small change in starting point leads to rapidly diverging results, then errors made when rounding off numbers during a computation may also influence the results.
The first major long-term study ofwater quality in the nation's rivers shows some diverging trends.
Co-authored by WRI Board Chairman Harmon, Crescencia Maurer, Jon Sohn and Tomas Carbonnell, the report is titled Diverging Paths: What Future for Export Credit Agencies in Development Finance?
So far these differences have presented little problem other than occasionally diverging rhetoric, though potential exists for more significant and divisive differences of opinion if the GECF evolves into a more structured organization.
Japan's and Korea's approaches are now diverging, with quasi-privatisation being considered in Japan and concession-based finance under way for Korean toll projects.
which effectively and economically link HDTV components of diverging specifications.
The slight change prevents the fund from paying high transaction costs to continually rebalance its investment portfolio and keeps its performance from diverging too far from its benchmark.
The sessions will focus on empowering designers and developers to deliver more effective web content and Internet applications across a diverging set of open and proprietary platforms from desktops to mobile devices.