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diverge from (something)

To separate from something and travel in a different direction. Be careful to stay on the highway and not get onto one of the roads that diverge from it. The ranger warned us not to diverge from the paved trails.
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diverge from something

to move in a different direction from something. Her line of thinking diverged from generally accepted thought on this point. The driveway diverges from the main road beyond the fence, straight ahead.
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The two lice lineages diverged at about the time that a genetic split occurred between H.
A small genetic analysis 5 years ago found some support for the idea that indigobirds diverged from other birds much more recently than their hosts did, a finding that favors the song scenario over cospeciation of indigobirds and hosts.
The researchers study Astyanax mexicanus, a freshwater fish that has diverged into a sighted, surface-dwelling form and a blind, cave-dwelling form.
He examines who our closest living relatives are and when we diverged from them along our evolutionary path.
Living chimps have diverged genetically from that common ancestor about as far as people have, the researchers add.
That uniformity suggests that although distributed from Honduras to Papua New Guinea today, the parasites diverged from a common ancestor at some time within the past 23,000 years, probably less.
If, as earlier data suggest, the two Plasmodium species split 6 to 10 million years ago when chimps and humans diverged, the uniformity of mitochondrial DNA among the P.
By comparing the human and fish genomes, says Hawkins, scientists can find DNA sequences that evolution has preserved in starkly different animals, ones whose lineages diverged around 400 million years ago.
They conclude that the genetic differences between the San and the Hadzabe are greater than any other pair of populations in the world, indicating that the two groups diverged at the dawn of humanity.
The sounds differ so much, he says, that he now suspects they evolved only after the lineage of river dolphins diverged from marine dolphins.
Section of a so-called DNA backbone seem unchanged since the two strains diverged 4.
However, by the time the branches meet on the far side of the obstacle, the creatures in the opposite branches have diverged so much that they no longer interbreed.
However, the new work relied on a sensor that was too narrow to detect cases in which protons might have diverged widely, Thoennessen says.