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diverge from (something)

To separate from something and travel in a different direction. Be careful to stay on the highway and not get onto one of the roads that diverge from it. The ranger warned us not to diverge from the paved trails.
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diverge from something

to move in a different direction from something. Her line of thinking diverged from generally accepted thought on this point. The driveway diverges from the main road beyond the fence, straight ahead.
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This new study examined the time at which Neanderthals and modern humans should have diverged to make the evolutionary rate of the early Neanderthals from Sima de los Huesos similar to those observed in other hominins.
Brazilian YFV strains have diverged into two subclades, one of which has become the dominant lineage in recent years.
This pair of genetic types also diverged 65,000 years ago from that mainland mitochondrial DNA, according to Macaulay's group.
The new fossils cement Sahelanthropus' position as a hominid that lived shortly after modern humans' evolutionary family diverged from chimpanzee ancestors, the scientists argue in the April 7 Nature.
The evolutionary precursors of modern apes and people diverged from ancient monkeys between 29 million and 34.5 million years ago, a new genetic analysis concludes.
Head lice found on people today consist of two lineages that diverged about 1.18 million years ago, say biologist David L.
Skeletal development may have diverged in various ways for small and large individuals, contributing to the population's anatomical diversity, Potts theorizes.
It should have come as no surprise that the rat's DNA had "changed much more than the human genome had since the two species diverged from a common ancestor" ("Devil's Lapdog Gets Its Due: The lab rat bares its DNA to biologists," SN: 4/3/04, p.
When scientists unveiled the mouse genome last year, they suggested that the rodent's DNA had changed much more than the human genome had since the two species diverged from a common ancestor (SN: 2/22/03, p.
That means that certain lineages diverged at least 95 million years ago, when Africa and South America split.
Recently, though, evolutionary biologists have been looking for examples of species that diverged with no geographical boost (SN: 7/21/01, p.
19 Current Biology that body lice diverged from head lice about 72,000 years ago, give or take 42,000 years.
The researchers study Astyanax mexicanus, a freshwater fish that has diverged into a sighted, surface-dwelling form and a blind, cave-dwelling form.
He examines who our closest living relatives are and when we diverged from them along our evolutionary path.
Living chimps have diverged genetically from that common ancestor about as far as people have, the researchers add.