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The global best results and their position in the basic equations along with MSE and RMSE of the algorithm for the diverge area are presented in Figure 13, for instance, and a brief overview of applying the optimization process on all parts of interchanges is presented in Table 5.
That length of the M8/A8 Edinburgh - Greenock Trunk Road, being the newly constructed westbound carriageway from its diverge from the circulatory carriageway of the Eurocentral Junction south roundabout, generally westwards to a point directly over the centreline of the Motherwell to Coatbridge Railway Bridge, a distance of 1.55km or thereby.
That length of the M8/A8 Edinburgh - Greenock Trunk Road), being the newly constructed westbound carriageway from where it diverges from the circulatory carriageway of Newhouse Roundabout to where it meets the circulatory carriageway of the Chapelhall Junction South Roundabout, a distance of 2.06km or thereby.
In Boys In My Bedroom, 1995-, the man-crazy second part of the show, Sameshima inverted (and perverted?) his negotiation of gay history by sorting out his private desires from the world's vast bombardment of cute "types." His dream is slim-hipped, Euro, Hedi Slimane-for-Diorish, but obsession extends it messily to include Luke Wilson, certain surfers, teens with baby fat, a young Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and supermodel Ivan de Pineda, black-and-white photocopies of whom Sameshima has taped into delicate wall-paper-like "screens." This fierce archiving echoes, fractures, and diverges from the rainbow rhapsody.
Many scholars believe that the United States diverges significantly from the trend of steady government expansion experienced in Europe.
In World on Fire (Doubleday), Amy Chua, professor of law at Yale, diverges from the apostles of globalization, who reaffirm that exporting the free market model will increase peace and prosperity around the world.
Thus, despite common training programs and audit decision tools, it appears EDP auditors' strategic outlook diverges from that of financial auditors.
The Scottish Ministers make the following Order in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 1(1) and 2(1) and (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other powers enabling them to do so to prohibit traffic on that length of the M90/A90 Edinburgh - Fraserburgh Trunk Road being the lay-by adjacent to the carriageway of the road from a point 600 metres or thereby north of the point where the A90 diverges at the junction with the A952 to a point 740 metres or thereby north of the point where the A90 diverges at the junction with the A952, a distance of 150 metres or thereby.
The Sepulveda account of the early years of the reign diverges in several particulars from the partial histories written by his contemporaries.
Thus even though she draws on the seminal works of Greenblatt and Dollimore by demonstrating the plays' transgressive and subversive tendencies, Bartels diverges in the matter of containment.
This question points to another issue: despite her affirmation that Bokenham reworked his material, Delany does not consistently indicate where Bokenham diverges from his sources.
387), I puzzled over the statement that "domestication diverges from a standard model of evolution...." Darwin's primary evidence for The Origin of Species included observations of domesticated pigeons and other species, and even Mendel worked with garden peas.
"Miracles" made the central reason for this quite clear: Edmondson's uniquely minimal style of stone carving diverges radically from the painterly, expressionistic, more-is-more sensibility typically associated, for better or for worse, with the work of the artists who inhabit this particular cultural margin - J.
Because domestication diverges from a standard model of evolution, he says, further experiments are necessary to add weight to Fondon and Garner's theory.
Paradoxically, this is also the point where he diverges from Adorno's well-worn conclusion about art's role in capitalist society, in works that literally careen between material instability and uncertainty.