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autem diver

1. obsolete A thief or pickpocket who steals from people during church services. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "diver" in this sense is obsolete slang for a pickpocket. The autem divers move stealthily among the congregation, lifting the purses and coins from those focused on the sermon.
2. obsolete A lay officer of the church in charge of the poor and needy. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "diver" in this sense is slang for one who lives in a cellar (i.e., among the poor). The autem diver oversees the distribution of bread to the poorest of the parish.
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scuba diver

One who dives underwater while wearing a mask attached to a container of compressed air that allows for long periods of breathing without resurfacing. "Scuba" was originally an acronym for "self-contained underwater breathing apparatus." I don't think I have a future as a scuba diver, but I really enjoyed looking at the coral reef underwater.
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Another study found that divers are at risk for back problems at a younger age than the general population.
The Minister, while recognizing the importance of gathering data from recreational lobster divers, acknowledged that the April deadline to submit catch data was a new requirement and that some divers may not have noted this change in the conditions of their licence.
As the divers were reported to be holding on to rocks, the decision was taken to launch the smaller boat, the D Class, first.
The number of female divers in Jeju has dwindled to 4,700 today from 14,143 in 1970.
Over the last two decades, many tropical countries have developed significant recreational dive industries as divers have become aware of the beauty and comfort of diving in tropical environments [1].
Under high depths, divers face risks of high-pressure nervous syndrome, a neurological disorder that can afflict divers under depths of 150 metres, leading to tremors, disturbed vision along with other neurological problems.
But there are several factors that aspiring divers should consider.
A boom and a moan were heard via communication devices then fellow divers pulled the man to the surface as he fell unconscious, government task force spokesman Ko Myung-seok told a televised briefing.
Divers must stretch their hands into the void to search for bodies.
Octopuses are quite good in covering themselves, which makes divers assume them to be rocks.
Tie clips to both ends of the leader to make quick changes in diver size or color.
As the man basket scrapes down the face of the dam, Red Diver stands in the center of the platform, careful not to expose limbs to crushing injury.
As a cave diver, I understand the desire of cavers and open-water divers to explore the depths of submerged caves, but all too often, gear columns encourage the inexperienced to think that equipment is the key to quantum-leaping their skills.
Hugh Diver, 59, was cutting firs on a laneway leading to his house near Ardara, Co Donegal, when the freak accident happened.
When a diver descends into the water (or is placed in a hyperbaric chamber) he or she is exposed to increasing outside pressure, which in turn increases the partial pressure of gases within the body.