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Dither signals are classified into two categories; the dither in low and high frequency PWM.
s]) have influence upon the average current and the dither amplitude simultaneously.
in (Mariano & Ramos, 2006) the first and the second moment of quatization error were analyzed for sinusoidal input signal without dither.
Assuming symmetrical dither with zero mean the CF [[PHI].
In our case appropriate dither helps to suppress nonlinearities involved by quantization.
For uniform dither theoretical dependence of root mean square error (RMSE) upon standard deviation of added noise has been proved through measurements in the whole range.
In fact, we intend to publish the cartoons every time Major panics and dithers - so you might be seeing a lot of them
Islamabad: Even as the Pakistan government dithers on granting MFN-status to India, 63 per cent of Pakistanis are in favour of trade ties with New Delhi, a new poll said Tuesday.
Our own chief criticism of Obama's leadership style thus far is not that he dithers but that he seems so devoted to compromise and seeking common ground that he often refuses take a firm stand and fight for his position.
The Queen is also concerned that Kate, 26, cannot settle into a career while William dithers.
He dithers for a while about a solution, fearing to call the super because he lives in craven fear of possible recrimination.
EVEN as the government dithers over bringing a law to check honour killing, the proposed amendments in the procedural laws are aimed at pinning down the perpetrators of honour killings.
Organiser Walter Graham said: "This legislation should have been in place last year but while the Minister dithers more masts go up.
The longer the Government dithers over the euro, the more jobs will go.
While ICANN dithers, some rival registries have been assigning new addresses of their own.