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silk-stocking district

A section of a city that is dominated by the upper-class. Even if you had the money, you wouldn't want to live in a silk-stocking district—you'd be totally subject to the whims of your wealthy neighbors.
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red-light district

An area in a city containing brothels and other businesses related to activities that are typically illegal elsewhere. If you patronize the red-light district, you're essentially subsidizing the sex trade.
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red-light district

an area of a city or town containing many brothels, strip clubs, and other sex businesses.
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the red-ˈlight district

the part of a city where prostitutes work and sex shops are found: I got lost and found myself in the red-light district all alone!
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Fayard said the districtwide meeting may prove to be a waste of time and money.
We applaud their efforts and look forward to the success their students will achieve as a result of districtwide, standards-aligned instruction.
5 -- color) A group of horticulture students at Sylmar High School (right) make floral centerpieces for a districtwide event for culinary students.
The flexibility built into our solutions facilitate this diverse, districtwide implementation, and we are eager to provide students in this rural district with access to the same learning opportunities their peers receive in urban and suburban areas," said PLATO Learning President & CEO Mike Morache.
If implemented districtwide, the district potentially could save $65,000 a year.
Approximately 48 new buildings are planned for construction within the decade as part of a districtwide building program to make much-needed campus improvements on all of the campuses with funding from Propositions A and AA, two voter-approved facilities bond measures.
Districtwide, most schools struggled to reach or surpass the API benchmark score of 800, and there was a healthy jump in the number of schools that met the goal.
Under the guidance of a nationally recognized policy set by the LACCD Board of Trustees in March 2002, LACCD is incorporating sustainable design principles into all new buildings constructed as part of its Districtwide building program to make much-needed campus improvements with funding from Propositions A and AA, two voter-approved facilities bond measures.
To find the extra money, the school board has agreed to take $60 million away from other districtwide programs, ultimately short-changing the vast majority of the LAUSD's students.
We are pleased that the success of PLATO in the Davis County schools has translated into a significant districtwide expansion," said G.
And with enrollment down districtwide, they see it as a way to bring in more students by capitalizing on demand in the Armenian community.