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distribute (something) over (something)

To apply something to something else somewhat evenly over an entire area. You need to distribute stain remover over the entire discolored area to have any hope of cleaning it.
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distribute (something) to (someone)

To pass something out, usually to each person in a group. I'll have the volunteers distribute pamphlets to the audience before I begin my lecture.
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distribute something over something

to spread something over something or over an area. Distribute the icing over the entire cake. Walter distributed the sand over the icy spots.
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distribute something to someone

to give out something to someone. Can you distribute this clothing to the needy people who live around here? I will distribute the ice cream to the party guests.
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These exceptions apply only if the stock owned prior to the acquisition was not acquired as part of a plan to acquire a 50-percent or greater interest in either the distributing or controlled corporation.(14)
This partnership comes as a natural extension of Mims Distributing's rapidly expanding wine and beer portfolio.
However, before distributing the answers, churches should make sure the answers are accurate and that the questionnaire covers a wide range of issues.
Providing a key employee with a stock interest in Distributing or Controlled may be a valid business purpose provided the taxpayer can demonstrate (1) a real and substantial corporate business purpose for the stock transfer, (2) why the individual is a key employee, and (3) why it is necessary to give the individual the type and amount of the proposed stock interest.
361(b)(3) limits the amount of money plus the fair market value of other property that a distributing corporation, in the context of a reorganization under Secs.
will use Mims Distributing to introduce two of the brand's popular ciders, Flannel Mouth and El Chavo, along with limited and small batch varieties, to educated North Carolina consumers.
Disregarded Entity owns all of the stock of Distributing 2, which owns all of the stock of Distributing 1.
Thompson, 18, of Boston, charged with possession of cocaine, distributing cocaine, and conspiracy to violate drug laws; Michelle N.
The market leader in the UK, RNS has more experience with filing regulatory announcements than any other organization and is responsible for distributing more than 90% of UK company news and results announcements and over 40% of SEC filings on behalf of FTSE 100 companies.
Newly introduced storage clustering technology addresses these challenges by distributing the "master" or management functionality across multiple storage servers.
Genepharm Australasia (ASX: GAA) is a specialist generic pharmaceutical company developing, distributing and marketing a premium range of generic pharmaceuticals in Australia and New Zealand.
But a number of black-owned companies have cropped up to publish and/or distribute the books, and large, mainstream publishers are getting in on this boom by picking up and republishing or distributing some of the self-published stars.
* Whether the distribution is a device for distributing earnings and profits of the distributing or controlled corporation; and
In 2000, Joseph Hills, president of a nonprofit educational corporation called A Little Sonshine from Arizona, decided to conduct a "Desert Mountain Summer Camp" for children and advertise the event by distributing a brochure to nine elementary schools within the school district.
While other items in the list such as homilies given by lay people and indiscriminate and common recitation of the Eucharistic prayer did not seem out of order for the Pope to take issue with, the practice of lay people distributing Communion has become so commonplace that its presence as an abuse seems startling.