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distribute (something) over (something)

To apply something to something else somewhat evenly over an entire area. You need to distribute stain remover over the entire discolored area to have any hope of cleaning it.
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distribute (something) to (someone)

To pass something out, usually to each person in a group. I'll have the volunteers distribute pamphlets to the audience before I begin my lecture.
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distribute something over something

to spread something over something or over an area. Distribute the icing over the entire cake. Walter distributed the sand over the icy spots.
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distribute something to someone

to give out something to someone. Can you distribute this clothing to the needy people who live around here? I will distribute the ice cream to the party guests.
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For an acquisition following a distribution, both the distribution and acquisition would be part of a plan if the distributing and the controlled corporations (or any of their controlling shareholders) intended the acquisition (or a similar acquisition) to occur in connection with the distribution on the distribution date.
5) Where a plan exists whereby taxpayers other than the historic shareholders of the distributing corporation will gain control of the controlled or distributed corporation, however, the legislative history of the 1997 Act expresses concern that "the transaction more closely resembles a corporate level disposition" than a rearrangement of continuing interests among existing shareholders(6).
In late September AU mailed all of its members a one-page open letter to religious leaders signed by Lynn warning about the dangers of distributing Coalition voter guides.
Stan Butkowski, President and General Manager of DBI Distributing INC, said, "The energy drink category is exploding and DBI Distributing is always interested in the breakthrough capacity of products that capture the marketplace.
Distributing or Controlled stock acquired by purchase within the five-year period (including stock indirectly acquired by purchase) will no longer be considered as purchased if (and when) the basis resulting from that purchase is eliminated.
8, 1996), the liquidated business constituted a mere two percent of the total value of the distributing corporation.
It is likely that most other distributing corporations would reach the same conclusion.
The acquisition of stock in the controlled corporation by the distributing corporation;
355(d) to require Distributing to recognize gain on a "disqualified" distribution (one in which any person owns 50% or more of Distributing or Controlled) if the interest was acquired in a taxable transaction within five years of the distribution.
96-30 include (1) the detailed information, representations, and documentation required for establishing a valid corporate business purpose; (2) a description of the facts and circumstances that may qualify the business purpose; (3) a description of each purpose for the spinoff, not just the corporate business purpose; (4) the required information and representations from foreign shareholders and foreign corporations; and (5) the required information and representations where Distributing joins in filing a consolidated return.
If both the distributed and distributing corporation are U.
Target Distributing extends 3Com's reach into the VoIP market through its extensive and deep relationships with value-added resellers.
If there' was a reorganization involving either Distributing or Controlled within two years of a Sec.
This technology is a ground-breaking step to increase the productivity of engineers through distributed computing," said Silvina Grad-Freilich, distributing computing product manager, The MathWorks.
By distributing all AE&P (or at least the C portion) before the end of the year in which the PII ceiling would be exceeded, the corporation can avoid both the PII tax and possible termination of the S election.