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distribute (something) over (something)

To apply something to something else. You need to distribute stain remover over the entire discolored area to have any hope of cleaning it up.
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distribute (something) to (someone)

To pass something out, usually to each person in a group. I'll have the volunteers distribute pamphlets to the audience before I begin my lecture.
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distribute something over something

to spread something over something or over an area. Distribute the icing over the entire cake. Walter distributed the sand over the icy spots.
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distribute something to someone

to give out something to someone. Can you distribute this clothing to the needy people who live around here? I will distribute the ice cream to the party guests.
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However, the shareholders agree that Jacorp can distribute a tract of land to John.
Thus, they are willing to distribute any of the tracts.
XYZ distributes $100,000 to its shareholders in 1996.
Absent regulatory guidance, P would need to distribute its entire $200,000 AE&P balance to ensure that it had distributed all of its C AE&P.
If instead of S selling C, S just distributes C to D and D sells the stock of C (after waiting a sufficient period of time to avoid disqualifying the spin-off), D would recognize a gain of only $110 (i.
exchange for all of C's stock, and distributes C to its
We look forward to working with Tivoli to offer our customers standards-based solutions that allow them to more easily distribute network applications, information and services beyond the enterprise directly to Internet clients.
By using PeerDirect to distribute data across all locations, companies can ensure that employees always have access to these important applications.
The company distributes high-speed, interactive services to residences, businesses and schools using the cable industry's hybrid, fiber-coaxial cable distribution architecture.
Modulus is headquartered in Houston and distributes its products primarily through OEM and VAR channels.
DBMX distributes its products through its direct sales force, international distributors and systems integrators and provides consulting, training, and support services.
In addition, Expersoft distributes technical information from a World Wide Web site, and publishes an Internet-based newsletter, Expertalk, each month.
Besides Bay Networks, Gates/Arrow distributes a wide variety of products that complement the Interphase ATM adapter cards and provide customers with a complete high-end switching ATM hub.
As a result, companies can cost-effectively decentralize and distribute database-driven business applications to thousands of locations across the enterprise using Linux-based application servers and databases.
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