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distribute (something) over (something)

To apply something to something else somewhat evenly over an entire area. You need to distribute stain remover over the entire discolored area to have any hope of cleaning it.
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distribute (something) to (someone)

To pass something out, usually to each person in a group. I'll have the volunteers distribute pamphlets to the audience before I begin my lecture.
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distribute something over something

to spread something over something or over an area. Distribute the icing over the entire cake. Walter distributed the sand over the icy spots.
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distribute something to someone

to give out something to someone. Can you distribute this clothing to the needy people who live around here? I will distribute the ice cream to the party guests.
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If an application requires more storage re-sources, the distributed storage system is able to efficiently tie the additional resources together transparently and reallocate data on the fly.
Subtle calculations done via distributed computing also might have spared the public Madonna's past 10 movies.
If a change in control of the distributed corporation actually takes place within the six-month period, however, the safe harbor provided by the ruling would be vitiated.
All the stock of the controlled corporation (or an amount constituting control) must be distributed.
The man said his church had distributed Christian Coalition voter guides in the past but, after talking with AU staff, he said the church would not do so this year.
In contrast to distributed search approaches, a union catalog almost trivially ensures consistent query interpretation--for example, the application of personal name algorithms and the treatment of case and punctuation in search terms in the user query.
The first thing to realize about distributed control systems is that they come in many flavors, with each vendor taking a different approach.
MLOR: Unmatched Resilience Distributed storage clusters are designed for Multiple Layers of Resilience (MLOR) across a distributed, N-way storage architecture.
If this distribution were made, Chuck would acquire a $21,000 basis in the distributed IBN-TELco stock, which is the sum of the $5,000 basis he would have acquired under the general rules for determining the basis of distributed properties in a liquidating distribution plus the $16,000 gain recognized because the securities were marketable.
9836027 (June 9, 1998) focuses on the amount of the proceeds to be distributed in a section 302(e)(2) (termination/retention) partial liquidation.
The Grid is based on the concept that distributed computers, connected to one another--via LANs, WANs, and even the Internet--can share computing tasks, and intelligently divide computing jobs among hundred or thousands of machines, based on available resources.
368(a)(2)(H)(ii) to define "control" in the case of a divisive D reorganization as the ownership of more than 50% of the voting power of the stock of the distributed corporation and more than 50% of all other classes of stock.
Acquisitions of Subsidiaries That are Not Distributed
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