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abuse of distress

The wrongful or unlawful use or sale of property that has been seized in order to force payment or the performance of some contractual obligation (known in law as the process of distress or distrain). It was a clear case of abuse of distress: the landlord, without a court order, changed the locks on the door and then seized and sold the tenants' belongings only an hour after serving them a notice of eviction. They're taking their landlord to court on the grounds of "abuse of distress"—apparently, he seized their cottage. You can't just seize your tenants' property because they're two days late on their rent—that's abuse of distress.
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damsel in distress

A helpless woman who needs to be rescued from some danger. The term is a reference to the stereotypical female character in romantic stories who serves solely to be rescued by a heroic male character. It's not like I'm a damsel in distress, Dad—I'll be fine living on my own.
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damsel in distress

a young woman in trouble. humorous
Damsel in distress makes humorous reference to the ladies in chivalric romances whose sole purpose was to be rescued from peril by a knight in shining armour (see knight).
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a ˌdamsel in diˈstress

(humorous) a woman who needs help from a man, often to solve a practical problem: When I got a flat tyre I had to wait for my boyfriend to come and help me, like a true damsel in distress!
Damsel is an old word for a young woman who is not married.
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In Tolentino's proposed measure, vessels unable to respond to a distress alert for some special circumstances must enter in its log-book the reason for failing to proceed to the assistance of the persons in distress and inform the appropriate search and rescue service or the Philippine Coast Guard of the situation.
If the ship receiving the distress alert is unable or, in the special circumstances of the case, considers it unreasonable or unnecessary to proceed to assist, the master must enter in the log-book the reason for failing to help the persons in distress, and inform the appropriate search and rescue service or Philippine Coast Guard.
Researchers found that lower SES was associated with higher psychological distress, and higher distress was associated with higher emotional eating, which in turn predicted higher BMI.
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Most of the time, diabetic patients experience diabetes related distress owing to associated complications.
Conclusion: Modifiable factors, such as frequency of medication and compliance to treatment, should be addressed with the aim of decreasing diabetes distress and improve glycaemic control.
The distress anomaly might also have a misvaluation explanation.
We find that between the pre-filing year and the year of filing, irrespective of industry concentration, rivals experience declines in SGandA which are positively correlated to the degree of economic distress in the concentrated subsample.
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