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bored silly

Extremely bored to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. I was bored silly listening to that lecture this afternoon.
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bored to distraction

Extremely bored, especially to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. I was bored to distraction listening to that lecture this afternoon.
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drive (one) to distraction

1. To render one unable to focus; to distract one. Leave your sister alone—she's got to finish her homework, and you are driving her to distraction.
2. To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me to distraction. That loud beeping noise is driving me to distraction!
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to distraction

To a point in which one is very upset, irritated, or angry and one is unable to focus as a result. Used especially after the verb "drive." Leave your sister alone—she's got to finish her homework, and you are driving her to distraction.
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bored silly

 and bored to distraction; bored stiff; bored to death; bored to tears
very bored; extremely dull and uninteresting (Usually an exaggeration.) I was bored silly at the lecture. The dull speaker left me bored to distraction. I am bored to tears. Let's go home.
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drive someone to distraction

Fig. to confuse or perplex someone. Can't you see you're driving her to distraction? The problems I am having with my boss are driving me to distraction.
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drive someone to distraction

If something or someone drives you to distraction, they annoy you very much. Nothing I said or did would get them to tidy up. It drove me to distraction. His obsessive attention to detail drove to distraction the artists and workers with whom he collaborated. Note: Distraction is an old word for madness.
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to diˈstraction

so that you become upset, excited or angry and not able to think clearly: The children are driving me to distraction today.
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Figurativeness sharpens the sense of distraction, evokes admiration and the wave of new experiences.
With the progress of science and technology, the distraction devices are gradually evolving.
After completing this learning activity, the learner will be able to discuss use of a noise-reducing headset to decrease distraction at medication stations.
The inner distractions may present themselves as thoughts that could be flitting or fixated.
"Distraction burglars will often dress as officials to gain trust in to somebody's home or will often ask for money for a taxi to visit a family member in hospital or other.
"Technology is great for immediacy and it's great for accessibility, but it really can be a major distraction," Cook says.
Cell phones are an obvious driving distraction, but motorists face countless others every time they get in the car.
In 1998, Liou and Huang introduced the concept of distraction osteogenesis in tooth movement and termed it as periodontal ligament distraction osteogenesis.
The cross sectional data collected through survey method was used to assess the trends and behavior of the students towards the use of mobile phones in the classrooms and the distraction this caused in learning processes.
Any other distractions will also be fined Dh800 and given 4 black points.
After reading hundreds of studies, interviewing dozens of experts and running the gambit of self-experiments, I learned that countless strategies can help us mitigate distraction.
Distraction has recently become a popular non-pharmacological pain management technique in children's health care.
The mother of two in a question and answer session with her fans on her Instagram page late Thursday night and monitored by R revealed that dating other men before she finally settled down with 2face who has five kids with two other women, was a distraction.