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bored silly

Extremely bored to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. I was bored silly listening to that lecture this afternoon.
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drive (one) to distraction

To render one unable to focus. Leave your sister alone—she's got to finish her homework, and you are driving her to distraction.
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bored silly

 and bored to distraction; bored stiff; bored to death; bored to tears
very bored; extremely dull and uninteresting (Usually an exaggeration.) I was bored silly at the lecture. The dull speaker left me bored to distraction. I am bored to tears. Let's go home.
See also: bore, silly

drive someone to distraction

Fig. to confuse or perplex someone. Can't you see you're driving her to distraction? The problems I am having with my boss are driving me to distraction.
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drive someone to distraction

If something or someone drives you to distraction, they annoy you very much. Nothing I said or did would get them to tidy up. It drove me to distraction. His obsessive attention to detail drove to distraction the artists and workers with whom he collaborated. Note: Distraction is an old word for madness.
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to diˈstraction

so that you become upset, excited or angry and not able to think clearly: The children are driving me to distraction today.
See also: distraction
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The researchers discovered the residual effects of mental distraction while comparing new hands-free technologies in ten 2015 vehicles and three types of smart phones.
Each chapter begins with a synopsis of the patient and how the distraction affects him or her.
The force says distraction factors include "distraction inside the vehicle", "distraction outside the vehicle" and "driver using a mobile phone".
Irate children also cause back seat distractions and the survey revealed that, while driving, 23% of parents have got lost, 11% have nearly crashed into the car in front and 11% have been put in other potentially dangerous situations after being distracted by their children.
If somebody thinks playing a cup game in the middle of January is a distraction then they should go to the casino or the cinema.
The Distraction Zone game is specifically designed to reinforce key safe driving behaviors like avoiding distractions, being alert, and slowing down when approaching highway work zones.
It is important for motorists to be consciously aware of the many sources of distraction.
Twenty-three per cent of young drivers aged 18 to 24 find this a distraction.
The results showed a significant increase in pain tolerance for acceptance, but not for distraction.
However, eight out of 10 respondents believe that they are efficient at their job, despite the distractions.
However, eight out of 10 respondents believe that they are efficient at their job, despite the distractions, according to the 'Distractions at Work in the Mena' poll, recently conducted by Bayt.
Amare Stoudemire doesn't believe Carmelo Anthony's upcoming free agency will be a distraction to the New York Knicks, the All-Star big man told the (http://www.
Latics are five points from safety with just four games to play though Martinez denies Wembley is a distraction.
Scientists at Baycrest Health Sciences' Rotman Research Institute (RRI) and the University of Toronto's Psychology Department used a distraction learning strategy to help older adults overcome age-related forgetting and boost their performance to that of younger adults.