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distill from (something)

To refine something from another material through a process of condensation and evaporation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "distill" and "from." In a very simple sense, petroleum is distilled from crude oil.
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distill something from something

to derive product from something by heating and condensation. They distilled the lighter components from the raw oil. The alcohol was distilled from fermented grain.
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The Six Mile Creek Vineyard yields an averages of 3.5 to 5 tons of Seyval per acre, and King estimates that 160 gallons per ton of 11% alcohol Seyval wine (distilled three times for his vodka and gin) produce about 18 gallons of 80proof spirits after dilution with distilled water.
None of these wineries depend on distilled products to power their businesses, but all find distillation provides them with opportunities to utilize raw materials in multiple ways.
This article describes how three Finger Lakes wineries are riding that wave with a variety of distilled spirits.
Adding distilled spirits can give wineries more options to utilize raw materials.
Sometimes a particular batch of table wine will not offer the character he wants, and that wine can be distilled to be part of a higher end product.
DISTILLED WINES AT THREE FINGER LAKES WINERIES Grapes Swedish Hill Vineyard (62,000 cases per year; 65 acres of vineyard) 2014 Eaux de Vie 52% Catawba, 36% Isabella, 12% Valvin Muscat Raspberry Infusion 3,500 pounds of raspberries + 60 gallons 140-proof brandy Cynthia Marie Port Various (est.
These small batch vodkas are distilled from a proprietary blend of grains and purified water.
It is distilled five times in traditional copper alembic stills and rendered pure using an exclusive process called micro-oxygenation.
It is distilled from the Mauzae Blanc and Ugni Blanc varieties.
The wheat is fermented in spring water, distilled in a six-column continuous still and subjected to slow-drip filtration.
Available in seven key states and Washington, DC, Blue Ice is distilled in a four-column apparatus and distilled five times.
The vodka is distilled from premium grade potatoes in a complex, 139-plate continuous still, it is then double-filtered through activated charcoal and diluted to 82 proof with glacier-fed spring water from Mount Hood.
Made in the Canadian Rockies, Pearl Vodka is distilled in small batches from Canadian winter wheat and soft spring water.
There, master distiller Jinx Bendis makes Crater Lake Vodka, a small batch spirit alembic distilled from local grain and spring water from the Cascades.