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distill from (something)

To refine something from another material through a process of condensation and evaporation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "distill" and "from." In a very simple sense, petroleum is distilled from crude oil.
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distill something from something

to derive product from something by heating and condensation. They distilled the lighter components from the raw oil. The alcohol was distilled from fermented grain.
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Atkinson said the most Hot Springs Distilling could produce in a week would be three or four barrels (a barrel usually contains about 53 gallons).
With the recent acquisition of neighboring warehouse space and additional stills to create room for expansion, Sonoma Distilling Company is entering into a new phase of development and growth - one which further speaks to its dedication to being California's premier craft whiskey.
Yellow Rose Distilling specialises in hand-crafted, blended and bottled premium whiskeys.
The bursary recognises the Institute of Technology Carlow as "a centre for teaching, learning, research and innovation in brewing and distilling".
"I think in the Finger Lakes it's really neat; you have larger wineries, smaller boutique or craft wineries, brew pubs and small brewers, and those doing distilling," King said.
Aromatic and assertive, hop-flavored liquors aren't for everyone, but they play well with people who are interested in the craft distilling scene and in trying new things, says Ehrmann.
Drum Circle Distilling produces several different varieties of rum, all of which have won awards, but its Siesta Key Spiced Rum has taken home the most prizes.
Their long history of distilling dates back to 1608 and their famous single malt, Bushmills Malt Irish Whiskey 10 Year Old (PS27.25, 70cl, www.thewhiskyexchange.com), is sweet and soft with butterscotch and honey notes, a touch of sherry wood and lingering spice.
In Texas, distilling is a growing industry with companies like Treaty Oak producing rum and Deep Eddy Vodka making the drink named for one of Austin's famous swimming holes.
Alltech presented awards to two industry stalwarts at the recent International Craft Brewing and Distilling Convention held at the Convention Centre Dublin, July 18-20.
Interactive Educational Sessions - both the academy and the convention will offer workshop style sessions in the art and science of brewing and distilling
I read William Rubel's article "Artisan Home Distilling" (February/March 2013), and, as an attorney, I want to pass along a word of caution to you.
This makes it ideal for distilling, he adds, especially in the case of Spring44 Vodka and Honey Vodka.
PACI looks forward at enlightening on Omani craft talents in the field of utilization of environment and perfumed plants distilling, by showing visitors of the Omani stand different distilling instruments used in the Sultanate.