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distill from (something)

To refine something from another material through a process of condensation and evaporation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "distill" and "from." In a very simple sense, petroleum is distilled from crude oil.
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distill something from something

to derive product from something by heating and condensation. They distilled the lighter components from the raw oil. The alcohol was distilled from fermented grain.
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Regarding the simulated distillation, results show that the distillable fractions for all DAO samples (at different nanoparticles dosage) were approximately 100% up to 750[degrees]C.
The content of distillate fractions in the overhead product was insensitive to film thickness within experimental error, but the total concentration of distillable material in the overhead products (i.e., the < 524[degrees]C + fraction) increased with film thickness.
Markus castigates other scholars who, in search of compact, distillable ideas, disregard the inner workings of the minds of great theologians.
Cokers are normally run under severe conditions ([is greater than] 500 [degrees] C) to completely convert the residuum (524 [degree] C+) to gases, distillable liquids (C-5 to 524 [degree] C) and a carbonaceous solid (toluene insoluble), called coke.
Within this concrete definition of American reality pulsates a general theory never expressed by Hegel, but easily distillable from the context.