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dissolve into (something)

1. To physically break down into a different state. Soon enough, the snowball in my hand dissolved into water.
2. To express one's emotions in a sudden outburst. The kids dissolved into laughter as soon as the clown started dancing.
3. To decline into tumult. Every family dinner seems to dissolve into an argument about politics.
4. In film, TV, or video editing, for an image to fade into another image. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dissolve" and "into." And then that shot will dissolve into a shot of the beach outside the house.
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dissolve into

1. Of a solid substance, to change into or become integrated with a liquid. This medicine dissolves into milk so it's easy to give to children.
2. To transition or devolve into a more disorderly state. After only a few minutes, the meeting dissolved into chaos, with both sides shouting at each other.
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dissolve into something

1. . Lit. [for a substance to change from a solid state into another state; [for a substance] to melt or liquefy something. (Compare this with dissolve in something.) In a hot pan, the sugar dissolved into syrup.
2. Fig. [for someone] to begin suddenly to display laughter, tears, giggles, gales of laughter, etc. (See also dissolve in something.) The children dissolved into tears. The clown's appearance made the audience dissolve into laughter.
3. Fig. [for a film or television picture] to fade away into some other picture. The scene dissolved into a shot of the interior of the castle. At this point in thescript, dissolve to a face shot of Walter.
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dissolve something into something

to cause a film or television picture to fade away into some other picture. (See also dissolve into something {3}.) The director dissolved the picture into the next scene. At this point, the opening scene should be dissolved into a side shot of the exterior.
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Following an open public hearing and based on submitted comments, the committee found dissolvable tobacco products were not popular and also were not being "widely used for smoking cessation.
9) Moreover, the fact that dissolvable tobacco is meant to be fully dissolved in the mouth and eventually swallowed "introduces questions in terms of its effect on the gastrointestinal tract," Goodpaster says.
Mann said there is a lot of misinformation regarding dissolvable tobacco products, mostly concerning their perceived healthfulness over cigarettes because they do not produce smoke.
The de-wetting effect seems to be an important factor in soldering materials with thin dissolvable coatings.
In addition, dissolvable tobacco products are being used to discourage current smokers, both youth and adult, from quitting.
A dissolvable wax support system is quick and easy to remove, leaving smooth support-side surfaces.
The formulation of dissolvable films from aqueous polymer matrices across a wide molecular weight range provides the flexibility to achieve various physical properties that can be tailored to the IVD manufacturer's specific design needs.
The treatment - inserting stem cells into the brain using tiny dissolvable scaffolds - would give new hope to those left disabled by a stroke.
To remediate non-compliant systems, CounterACT includes dissolvable client options and a scripting engine for tailored automated remediation.
We see potential in the medical/drug delivery market where dissolvable films allow fast delivery of active ingredients.
Melting material" for dissolvable dresses is under development at the universities of Ulster and Sheffield as part of a collection of eco-friendly designs.
According to the company, Symantec Network Access Control offers remote scanning in addition to persistent and dissolvable agents, and offers agentless NAC enforcement, Mac OS X agent support, and an integrated 802.
CDT said the testing techniques revealed that most of the platinum emission was in a form consistent with it being platinum metal and oxide, which are generally regarded as non-allergenic, while the remainder -- less than one percent of the platinum emitted -- could be water dissolvable with some anionic character, as determined by ion exchange separations, which is the portion where any potential allergenic forms would be found.
Dissolvable labels, developed less than a year ago, provide a safe, reliable way to track batch compounds.
However, a dissolvable suture is usually preferred because the removal of permanent sutures from the columella is often very unpleasant.