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do (one) a disservice

To do something that hinders or is detrimental to one. You'll really do your kids a disservice if you cater to their every whim.
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do somebody a disˈservice

do something that harms somebody and the opinion that other people have of them: The minister’s comments do teachers a great disservice.
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He said that those in India who targeted him are doing disservice to peace in the subcontinent.
Actually, what I said was that the "FDA did an inadequate and irresponsible analysis and it has been a disservice to women." I didn't mince words when I spoke and I am appalled by the FDA's lack of rigor in this important matter.
To invite a production company in to demonise and abuse victims of poverty in our ward for the sake of entertainment is perverse and does a great disservice to the residents which Saj Khan is supposed to represent.
PARENTS are doing their children a "disservice" by not exposing them to risk, TV adventurer Bear Grylls has said.
The 39-year-old (inset) added: "If you try to negate risk in children's lives, you do them a disservice, because you teach them not to be afraid of risk."
Summary: Nearly four years after it was first submitted to Parliament, the domestic violence law was finally passed Tuesday, but the amendments made to it since 2010 do a great disservice to the women of this country.
Let us give our teams the confidence to attack And give over defensive managers the sack We need to put more emphasis on skill and attack And to stop passing the ball back To old fashioned wingers we need to return With power and skill and speed to burn The Germans once again have shown us the way But our coaches will not heed what we say Alf Ramsay did soccer a great disservice When he put wingers out of service G McLANDERS, Byker, Newcastle.
But those school who make the decision to kill the book are doing a great disservice to their students.
The Birmingham Mail is doing itself a disservice by appearing to favour one contributor over another.
DROGHEDA remain 4-9 to finish last in the League of Ireland with Paddy Power, but it is a price that does their recent good form a grave disservice , writes Johnny Ward.
I call it "customer disservice", because after meeting the customer service staff we often feel more stressed, depressed and frustrated.
BLACK STONE CHERRY Folklore And Superstition (Roadrunner) THEY'RE being marketed as a Southern rock band but that's to do Black Stone Cherry a disservice. Yes, songs such as Ghost Of Floyd Collins and Peace Is Free have that Confederate crunch, but bluesy Blind Man owes more to Paul Rodgers' Bad Company, and Soulcreek gives Guns N' Roses a run for their California cash.
I'd be doing them a major disservice if I talked about cricket scores."
started Hewlett-Packard's computer division before H-P wanted one ("You have done this company a disservice," company cofounder David Packard reportedly told Clay in 1971).
Unfortunately, Garelick didn't demonstrate a mastery of the "math facts" in Montgomery County in his opinion piece, and that is a disservice to the readers of Education Next.