dissatisfied with

dissatisfied with (someone or something)

Unhappy with or disappointed in someone or something. My parents are really dissatisfied with my grades this semester because they know I can do better. Don't go to that car wash—I was completely dissatisfied with their service the last time I went there.
See also: dissatisfied

*dissatisfied with

(someone or something) unhappy with someone or something. (*Typically:be ~; grow ~.) We are quite dissatisfied with the service provided by the dealer. I am not dissatisfied with you.
See also: dissatisfied
References in classic literature ?
THE People being dissatisfied with a Democratic Legislature, which stole no more than they had, elected a Republican one, which not only stole all they had but exacted a promissory note for the balance due, secured by a mortgage upon their hope of death.
He felt that Kutuzov was upset and dissatisfied about something and that at headquarters they were dissatisfied with him, and also that at the Emperor's headquarters everyone adopted toward him the tone of men who know something others do not know: he therefore wished to speak to Dolgorukov.
"Yes, sa compagne called me, and I tried to pacify him, he's very ill and was dissatisfied with the doctor.
"I am sure," replied Elinor, with a smile, "that his dearest friends could not be dissatisfied with such commendation as that.
"With nearly all users being either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the surface condition, the need for urgent investment and maintenance programmes has never been greater.
The June survey also found 29 percent satisfied and 49 percent dissatisfied with then House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
Kiwi workers who were dissatisfied with their job reported lower overall satisfaction with life, poorer health outcomes, and felt their life was less worthwhile than satisfied workers, Stats NZ said today.
The survey, taken from June 22 to 26, found 80 percent of adult Filipinos satisfied and 12 percent dissatisfied with the performance of Duterte, for a net satisfaction score of "very good" +68.
Dissatisfied with the verdict of the lower court, the convicted human trafficker had approached the appellate court.
The Social Weather Stations' fourth quarter 2018 survey found 71 percent satisfied and 13 percent dissatisfied with the performance of the Senate, 57 percent satisfied and 17 percent dissatisfied with the House of Representatives, 54 percent satisfied and 17 percent dissatisfied with the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and 52 percent satisfied and 17 percent dissatisfied with the Cabinet as a whole.
Osebe went to the apex court after he being dissatisfied with the rulings of the High Court in Nyamira and the Court of Appeal in Kisumu.
A strong majority of Americans, 77 percent, say they are dissatisfied with the state of politics in the country.
Only 7 percent said they were somewhat or completely dissatisfied with them.
About two-thirds (67.6 percent) were dissatisfied with Tsai's handling of relations with China while only 22.37 percent were satisfied, and 68.04 percent were dissatisfied with her handling of the economy, against only 20.42 percent who were satisfied.
Eighty three (23.3%) indicated that they were dissatisfied while 2(0.6%) indicated that they were very dissatisfied with the location of the library building.