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dissatisfied with (someone or something)

Unhappy with or disappointed in someone or something. My parents are really dissatisfied with my grades this semester because they know I can do better. Don't go to that car wash—I was completely dissatisfied with their service the last time I went there.
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*dissatisfied with

(someone or something) unhappy with someone or something. (*Typically:be ~; grow ~.) We are quite dissatisfied with the service provided by the dealer. I am not dissatisfied with you.
See also: dissatisfied
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Sixty-nine percent of Republicans say they are satisfied, but even more Democrats (79%) are dissatisfied (and 18% are satisfied).
North Wales Police had 441 complaints in total, a 7% decrease, and the total number of appeals made by dissatisfied complainants also decreased by 9% to 90.
4% of dissatisfied respondents naming it their biggest trigger.
Nevertheless, the vast majority (94%) of customers were either very (76%) or somewhat (18%) satisfied with the convenience of their pharmacy, and the number of those who were dissatisfied was once again negligible.
Almost 40 per cent were dissatisfied with the state of education, 56 per cent with the state of the health sector, and 73 per cent with the situation at the banks, particularly non-performing loans and foreclosures.
The respondents answered on a five-point scale from "Very Satisfied" to "Very Dissatisfied.
Contrast the poll findings on the sales tax: 57 percent said they were either very or somewhat satisfied with the amounts of those taxes, while 34 percent said they are dissatisfied.
Wouldn't you like to know what another 12% who said they were dissatisfied with abortion laws but said the laws should "remain the same" were thinking?
The survey also found that 48% of Cypriots (38% of Greeks) are `very or fairly satisfied "with the ticket price for public transport, while 16% (54% in Greece) are" fairly or very dissatisfied.
He) was dissatisfied with the treatment outcome and the medical expenses," the report added.
Those most dissatisfied identified themselves as disabled.
While 21 per cent of voters said they are satisfied with the way he is leading the party, double the number (42 per cent) said they are dissatisfied.
Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied SALARY $132,830 $106,454 $95,371 BONUS $19,943 $7,651 $11,629 TOTAL $152,773 $114,105 $107,000 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Web users in Yemen have long been dissatisfied with the government owned company that serves as the primary provider of Internet services in the country.