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1. verb, slang To insult or disrespect someone. Did you hear what she said? You just got dissed, bro. These two rappers always seem to be dissing each other on Twitter.
2. noun, slang An insult or instance of disrespect; a put-down. A: "Nice ears, Dumbo." B: "Ooh, what a diss. Like I don't know my ears stick out, come on."


tv. to belittle someone; to show disrespect for someone. (From disrespect.) Please stop dissing my little sister. She didn’t do any of those things.

dis(s) (on someone)

in. to belittle [someone]; to show disrespect [for someone]. (From disrespect.) Gary is such a complainer. All he does is diss.
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As we explained earlier, components are connected with the SSB based CPCS by their DISs.
Leader-of-the-Pack Attack Then there's the diss of the Sam-the-Queen-Bee-and-Her-Gutless-Followers variety.
Each participant was given a booklet containing the PDT and DISS plus a demographic sheet.
Table 2 Multiple Regression Analysis on Age (N=243) DISS Correlated Multiple Adjusted Scores Variable R R Squared Probability IPTOT AGE 0.
The purpose of this paper is to describe the psychometric properties of DISS based on a total sample of 648 participants, 330 of them were high school students, 318 of them were college or university students.
On Wednesday, Cardi B took to Instagram to speak out after her publicized social media diss against Minaj.
Life Pursuits-LIF Part I Total - IPTOT Part II Total - EITOT DISS Total Score - DISTOT Discerning Score-LIE
But the response from the 6,500 people living in the Norfolk market town of Diss was disappointing - to say the least.
Tourism and Transformations in the Alaska Frontier: A Study of Tourism Growth and its Effects on Three Southeast Alaska Communities" PhD diss.
In her latest move to one up the latter, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" performed her "shETHER" diss track during a concert over the weekend.
He was flown to hospital after the accident at Diss, Norfolk, and later transferred to a specialist head injuries unit.
The "shETHER" rapper took to social media to diss Minaj and her crew.
Chances are, Mom isn't out to diss your choices because she wants to start a huge honking war with you in the middle of Wet Seal.
Although Minaj took about a week to respond to Remy's diss record when she finally released her single "No Frauds," it shot to the top of charts around the world.