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bring (something) into disrepute

To tarnish one's or something's reputation in some way. Don't bring my stellar reputation into disrepute with those lies! A few disgruntled patrons have brought the restaurant's reputation into disrepute with their negative online reviews.
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bring someone or something into disrepute

to dishonor or discredit someone or something. This embarrassing incident will bring the entire committee into disrepute. My bankruptcy brought me into disrepute.
See also: bring, disrepute
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It was announced that the regional parties committee, which oversees Lib Dem disciplinary procedures, agreed at a meeting this morning to suspend his membership while he is investigated for bringing the party into disrepute.
World Snooker will be writing to Ronnie to say that under his player's contract it is his responsibility to report any incidences he's aware of and failure to do so would lay him open to a charge of bringing the game into disrepute.
Earlier this week, FA chairman David Bernstein declared his intention to get tough with any action that brought the game into disrepute.
If they don't act on the undisputed facts and find Terry guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, there's no point in getting involved in the game at a senior level.
A complaint he bullied the council's former managing director was not upheld but he was found to have brought his office into disrepute.
And what incentives are there for graduates with brains and skills to engage in teaching, when teachers are poorly paid, subject to disrepute, and overruled by many parents, and also more and more often attacked by students?
A FA statement said: "The charge is that the players acted in a way which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.
THE head of European football's anti-racism group has urged the FA to charge Liverpool with bringing the game into disrepute over their response to Luis Suarez's eight-match ban.
JEREMY Clarkson's BBC career could be left in tatters after channel chiefs launched a disrepute probe.
Geoff Fell seems to be telling councillors, in particular Joan McTigue to stop bringing Middlesbrough Council into disrepute by writing letters to the Gazette" - well I am sorry to say that E Thompson has got it very wrong indeed.
Instead, they themselves bring the sport into disrepute.
Celebrity psychiatrist Raj Persaud was dishonest and brought his profession into disrepute by plagiarising scholars' work, the General Medical Council ruled yesterday.
And councillor Mrs Carole Gandy, leader of the Conservative group, said: "He has brought the council into disrepute and should resign.
Their national trade group called The American Association Of Trial Lawyers fell into such national disrepute that it had to change its name to The American Association For Justice because the term 'lawyer' had become so denigrated in the eyes and minds of most Americans.
Dave jones faces a possible touchline ban after being charged with bringing the game into disrepute, writes ANDY ROSE.