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disqualify (someone or something) for (something)

To render someone or something unable to do or have something. I'm afraid that your close relationship with the headmaster disqualifies you for a position on the board.
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disqualify (someone or something) from (something)

To render someone or something unfit or ineligible to do or have something. I'm afraid that your close relationship with the headmaster disqualifies you from a position on the board.
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disqualify someone or something for something

 and disqualify someone or something from something
to invalidate someone's or something 's claim to something. Does being late for practice disqualify me for the team? This loss disqualifies our team, doesn't it? Does it disqualify us from competition?
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He said that there is no law in Pakistan that paves the way for disqualifying a prime minister over imaginary salary from his son and for having an 'Iqama'.
* If the stock drops substantially, e.g., more than one-third, consider disqualifying dispositions prior to the tax year-end.
* Even if the stock has not dropped, it may make sense for clients who did not previously review their financial goals, and who have overextended themselves in terms of AMT liability, to consider disqualifying.
465(b)(3) (added in 1978) prohibited increasing an at-risk amount when funds were borrowed from lenders with disqualifying interests in the activity.
1.4658(b)(3), a lender who does not possess incidents of ownership in an entity's assets, but has an interest in its net profits, is also deemed to have a disqualifying interest.
If a service provider enters into a disqualifying disposition, the employer can deduct the amount in the year it is included in the service provider's income.
Under the notice's interim guidance, the Service will not assess FICA or FUTA tax on the exercise of an option and will not treat a disqualifying disposition of the stock acquired through exercise of statutory stock options as subject to income tax withholding, for those options exercised through Jan.
For a new plan, the remedial amendment period would begin on the date the plan is put into effect if it has a disqualifying provision (or in the absence of a provision).
7805(b), by not disqualifying plans with such policies acquired and effective before Nov.
As discussed in the preamble to the proposed regulations, the Service has, in prior years, issued several revenue rulings disqualifying an otherwise qualifying reorganization for failure to meet the "remote continuity of interest" doctrine because of subsequent transfers to corporations; in response to these rulings, Congress enacted legislation that would allow these particular transactions.
421(b) states that a"disqualifying disposition" will occur if the transfer of stock pursuant to the exercise of an option would otherwise meet the requirements of Sec.
FITW would be required only if a disqualifying disposition takes place, including with respect to any "discount" element.
A disposition not meeting these requirements is called a disqualifying disposition.
Correcting a prohibited transaction means undoing it to the extent possible, but in any case putting the plan in a financial position no worse than it would have been in had the disqualifying person been acting in accordance with the highest fiduciary standards.(110) The Zabolotnys argued that because the plan made a substantial profit on the transaction, they had acted in accordance with the highest fiduciary standards in making the sale.
The Employee Plans Closing Agreements Pilot Program (CAP) allows key districts to enter into closing agreements that impose monetary tax sanctions on plan sponsors, instead of disqualifying the plan.