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disqualify (someone or something) for (something)

To render someone or something unable to do or have something. I'm afraid that your close relationship with the headmaster disqualifies you for a position on the board.
See also: disqualify

disqualify someone or something for something

 and disqualify someone or something from something
to invalidate someone's or something 's claim to something. Does being late for practice disqualify me for the team? This loss disqualifies our team, doesn't it? Does it disqualify us from competition?
See also: disqualify
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Windom, who will face McGee in a November runoff, said he has not yet decided whether he will seek to disqualify judges who backed McGee.
In Example 3, if the transaction meets the D reorganization requirements, C's contribution of assets to S should not disqualify it under Rev.
An effort to disqualify attorney Burt Pines from investigating Deputy Mayor Michael Keeley based on a potential conflict of interest fell short Tuesday when the Los Angeles City Council voted 8-5 to waive conflict rules for Pines.
Joining Holden in voting to disqualify Pines were council members Ruth Galanter, Jackie Goldberg, Rita Walters and Joel Wachs.
Don Rogers didn't disqualify himself from office or violate legislative ethics by claiming he wasn't a U.
Such transfers would not disqualify the transaction from satisfying the continuity-of-interest or continuity-of-business doctrines required in all reorganizations.
402(a)(5) (before amendment by the UCA), and that the failure to distribute would not disqualify an otherwise qualified total distribution under Sec.