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disqualify (someone or something) for (something)

To render someone or something unable to do or have something. I'm afraid that your close relationship with the headmaster disqualifies you for a position on the board.
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disqualify (someone or something) from (something)

To render someone or something unfit or ineligible to do or have something. I'm afraid that your close relationship with the headmaster disqualifies you from a position on the board.
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disqualify someone or something for something

 and disqualify someone or something from something
to invalidate someone's or something 's claim to something. Does being late for practice disqualify me for the team? This loss disqualifies our team, doesn't it? Does it disqualify us from competition?
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The disqualified legislators include -- Pratap Gowda Patil, BC Patil, Shivanand Hebbar, ST Somashekar, Shrimant Patil, BA Basavaraja, Anand Singh, R Roshan Baig, Muniratna, K Sudhakar and MTB Nagaraj.
Simon Williams, spokesperson for RAC Insurance, said: "It's clearly good news that the number of people caught driving while disqualified has fallen in the last year.
Any person convicted of driving whilst disqualified will also receive a driving ban that extends their current driving disqualification or if no disqualification is imposed, six penalty points on their driving licence.
The violation came amidst notices issued by the Lahore High Court to the prime minister, Mr Tareen and others in a writ petition filed against the disqualified PTI leader for convening and chairing a meeting of the Livestock Emergency Working Group on September 13, 2018.
There were just 78 people in Cheshire disqualified for driving under the influence of controlled drugs above the allowed limit in 2016/17.
"He is actually currently not disqualified. He's now capable of legally being able to drive.
Article 48 of the Federal Constitution states that an elected representative is disqualified if he has been convicted of an offence and 'sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not less one year or to a fine of not less than RM2,000 and has not received a free pardon'.
The lawyer pleaded that the Supreme Court recently ruled in ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif's case that a disqualified person could not head a political party.
ECC Spokesman Mohammad Nader Mohsini told Pajhwok Afghan News a number of disqualified presidential and provincial candidates and some common people had registered their complaints with the commission.
THE COMMISSION on Elections (Comelec) yesterday allowed four new party-list groups to run in the May 2013 polls, but disqualified four others.
The South Wales Police arrested me for driving while disqualified. I am sure that I am not disqualifiedand do not remember being banned by the Magistrates' Court.
Q The police arrested me for an offence of driving whilst disqualified.
Doping allegations don't just follow Contador around though, and it's just 3-10 with Hills that ten or fewer riders are disqualified for doping offences and only 11-1 that 21 or more competitors are kicked out of the race.
Iraqi Vetting Commission Says No More Candidates Will Be Disqualified