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dispute (something) with (someone)

To argue with someone about something. Why do you feel the need to dispute such a trivial matter with your sister? The team's captain is now disputing the penalty call with the referee.
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in dispute

Causing doubt, disagreement, or controversy. You're qualifications are not in dispute; it's your demeanor in the office that we have an issue with. The inheritance has been in dispute among the siblings for many years now.
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dispute something with someone

to argue with someone about something, such as an amount of money. The customer disputed the amount of the check with the waiter. Please don't feel like you have to dispute every bill with the supplier.
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in dispute

Disagreed about, in controversy. For example, This parcel of land is in dispute, claimed by several persons, or The origin of this phrase is in dispute. [Mid-1600s]
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The popular alternative to lawsuits offers disputing parties the opportunity to resolve issues efficiently, inexpensively, and on their own terms.
A mediator assists disputing parties in voluntarily reaching a mutually acceptable resolution.
Who are the key players in a non-competition employment dispute situation - can you give me at least 3-4 examples - (such as the business owner, disputing party, lawyers, employees, etc.
Customers disputing one or more charges typically hold their entire payment until any disputes are resolved.
Privileged conversations between mediators and disputing parties must be protected and remain secure.
The high-level and diverse experience of the panel members allows SquareTrade to handle complex, high value cases and provide a premium level of service to disputing businesses.
SquareTrade offers a structured and unbiased multi-step process to guide disputing parties to resolution, which is conducted completely online.