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dispute (something) with (someone)

To argue with someone about something. Don't dispute with your sister over such a trivial matter. The team's captain is now disputing with the referee over that penalty call.
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in dispute

Causing doubt, disagreement, or controversy. You're qualifications are not in dispute; it's your demeanor in the office that we have an issue with. The inheritance has been in dispute among the siblings for many years now.
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dispute something with someone

to argue with someone about something, such as an amount of money. The customer disputed the amount of the check with the waiter. Please don't feel like you have to dispute every bill with the supplier.
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in dispute

Disagreed about, in controversy. For example, This parcel of land is in dispute, claimed by several persons, or The origin of this phrase is in dispute. [Mid-1600s]
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All this while Mr Jones was engaged in conversation with the serjeant; for that officer was entirely unconcerned in the present dispute, being privileged by immemorial custom from all contribution.
The dispute now grew so very warm that it seemed to draw towards a military decision, when Jones, stepping forward, silenced all their clamours at once, by declaring that he would pay the whole reckoning, which indeed amounted to no more than three shillings and fourpence.
Taste: that is weight at the same time, and scales and weigher; and alas for every living thing that would live without dispute about weight and scales and weigher!
The company saw a modest surplus as a result of reduced membership fees and discount structures introduced in previous financial years, as well as directing greater investment towards service improvements, including a new online disputes portal.
There are a lot of dispute resolution services available to help resolve business disputes without going to court.
Summary: The newly created Rental Dispute Settlement Centre, which will start operations in early December, seeks to resolve real estate disputes speedily, efficiently and fairly, a top Dubai government official said on Thursday.
An amicable and early settlement of industrial disputes is very necessary for the continuous development and smooth functioning of industrial activity.
Qatar's successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup will bring about a surge in construction contracts, but not without the potential for a significant rise in the number of disputes being referred to arbitration or courts, a senior industry expert has said.
One of the ways to settle disputes is through the mediation process.
Disputes generally arise from invoicing the wrong price or quantity, omitting purchase order numbers or product/service quality issues.
The chairmen say a "big tent" firm familiar with parties across the construction and design spectrum will be able to resolve disputes more quickly and keep projects on deadline.
As it did in respect of tax return preparation advice, Frederick demonstrates a profound misconception regarding the legal advice component of agency-level tax disputes.
Worldwide Computer Products News-13 April 2006-Chordiant unveils enhancements Disputes & Chargebacks(C)1995-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
These disputes follow a typical path, though, and the first stop is not a lawyer's office, though the setting may have that feel.
The tax treatment of damages received from securities investment disputes is fairly clear if the taxpayer can identify the nature of the damages being received (e.