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dispute (something) with (someone)

To argue with someone about something. Why do you feel the need to dispute such a trivial matter with your sister? The team's captain is now disputing the penalty call with the referee.
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in dispute

Causing doubt, disagreement, or controversy. You're qualifications are not in dispute; it's your demeanor in the office that we have an issue with. The inheritance has been in dispute among the siblings for many years now.
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dispute something with someone

to argue with someone about something, such as an amount of money. The customer disputed the amount of the check with the waiter. Please don't feel like you have to dispute every bill with the supplier.
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in dispute

Disagreed about, in controversy. For example, This parcel of land is in dispute, claimed by several persons, or The origin of this phrase is in dispute. [Mid-1600s]
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But Disputed Mission is more than a contribution to Nobili's thought and life; it is an insight into the letter production of the Jesuits and the methods of inculturation; moreover, it is a contribution to the history of the Society of Jesus in India and church history as well.
To help students understand the legal, constitutional, and social reasons why Americans didn't turn to violence to resolve their disagreements in the disputed election of 2000.
However, as to remainder of the 52 acres, the only evidence contained in the record was that the Krols used that area for firewood and that they bulldozed some trails throughout that disputed area.
The use of the disputed property intermittently for several days a year for a period of 10 years as a source for firewood was not enough to put the Eckmans on notice that the Krols were exercising dominion and control over this area.
Advanta and Bank of America have agreed to resolve the tax disputes between Advanta and Fleet by allocating approximately $125 million of the disputed $508 million of partnership deductions to Advanta and by Advanta recognizing for tax purposes approximately $600,000 of the disputed $47 million partnership taxable gain.
SCAN argued that it mistakenly paid Whittier Hospital under a disputed contract instead of at the rates payable by Medicare.
also today announced that $482 thousand of disputed claims in the bankruptcy estate of Comdisco, Inc.
Our Dispute Manager will also allow TelePacific to record and analyze carrier history and dispute resolution, allowing them to manage and investigate disputed bills.
dividend announced today and the distribution from the disputed claims reserve in the bankruptcy estate of Comdisco, Inc.
The suit alleges that Moneyline Telerate has not paid Reuters for disputed portions of certain invoices in connection with the Transitional Services Agreement (TSA) between the two companies entered into on June 2, 2003.
Leveraging Pegasystems' expertise in business rules, Smart Dispute establishes best practices for the orderly, consistent processing of fraudulent and disputed charges in compliance with government and association guidelines.
As a result of the settlement, during the second quarter the Bank will record a credit of approximately $700,000 or 50% of the disputed amount.
This is accomplished by increasing discrepancy findings and resolution success rates for disputed charges.
The Court stated that a trial was required to be held as to whether the disputed technologies were developed during the course of Spinello's employment, or on his own time, at his own expense and using facilities and tools owned by him and, in light of Spinello's positions with Spintech, whether he had a duty to assign any technologies developed while he worked for Spintech.
Under NSI policy, once a domain name is disputed, it is put in limbo - no one can use it - until the dispute is settled.