dispute with

dispute (something) with (someone)

To argue with someone about something. Don't dispute with your sister over such a trivial matter. The team's captain is now disputing with the referee over that penalty call.
See also: dispute

dispute something with someone

to argue with someone about something, such as an amount of money. The customer disputed the amount of the check with the waiter. Please don't feel like you have to dispute every bill with the supplier.
See also: dispute
References in classic literature ?
Alice began to feel very uneasy: to be sure, she had not as yet had any dispute with the Queen, but she knew that it might happen any minute, `and then,' thought she, `what would become of me?
We had a dispute with our guides, who though they had bargained to conduct us for an ounce of gold, yet when they saw us so entangled in the intricacies of the wood that we could not possibly get out without their direction, demanded seven ounces of gold, a mule, and a little tent which we had; after a long dispute we were forced to come to their terms.
The Panama Canal Expansion was one of the highest profile disputes in 2013, with the Panama Canal Authority in dispute with the GUCP contractor consortium about cost overruns said to be worth $1.
They will then have to discuss the nature of the dispute with the conciliation team.
Suppose a corporation that is locked in a significant tax dispute with the IRS or the Department of Justice has unassailable claims of privilege for its legal analyses regarding the merits of its case.
The partnership had unrestricted use of the receipts--the partners only disputed the division of the money, If the partnership had placed the receipts in an escrow account as the result of a dispute with a third party, under the claim of right doctrine the receipts would not be included in its income until the matter was settled and the partners would need to report income only if the dispute was settled in its favor.
Superior Court case that Grafton's dispute with Pricewaterhouse Coopers over audit work could go to a jury trial despite Grafton having signed a pre-dispute contract that would have allowed a trial in front of a judge in lieu of a jury.
The recommendation to install a larger sleeve with additional sound-deadening insulation was not embraced by the upstairs neighbor, placing the dispute with the board, which was reluctant to force the upstairs tenant to assume the cost of new sleeve.
As a young reporter in the early 1980s, I toured the frigid waters of the Beagle Channel as a guest of the Chilean Navy, which took me to a couple of small, sparsely populated islands at the center of a dispute with Argentina.
The language of the arbitration clause, however, must be sufficiently broad to include the dispute with the nonsignatory.
Northern Ontario lumber producers have fared much better than their counterparts in other regions of the country during Canada's softwood lumber trade dispute with the United States.
Were you personally satisfied when you had a dispute with the plan?
Under a one-year test program that will end in October, certain taxpayers can elect to mediate a dispute with the IRS instead of risking the hazards of litigation.
Mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution that allows parties to craft their own solution to a dispute with the assistance of an unbiased third party, the mediator.
It features unlimited blind-bid technology and a real time negotiating format allowing two parties to settle any dispute with a menetary payment.