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dispossess of (something)

To take one's possession. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dispossess" and "of." If you don't pay your mortgage, you'll be dispossessed of your house before long.
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dispossess someone of something

to separate someone from a possession. Do you intend to dispossess us of our home? They were dispossessed of the only possessions they had.
See also: dispossess, of
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This article examines the Negev Bedouin's land issue in order to show the many similarities with the general historic pattern outlined above of the colonial methodology of dispossession of indigenous peoples' land via the Western "justice system".
Provided that the Company is not relieved of any liability to the Insured in respect of physical damage to the Property Insured occurring before dispossession or during temporary dispossession which is otherwise insured by this Policy.
A growing body of scholarship highlights that accumulation by dispossession (Harvey, 2003) creates surplus populations who must sustain themselves outside wage labor (cf.
It is interesting therefore that it is only now, in 2015, when indigenous people cannot even find a place to bury their dead, that the president of the ANC-led "New South Africa" raises the land question, yet dispossession was inherited from the apartheid government 21 years ago, in a country full of gold and diamond fields, yet beset with millions of landless poor who all happened to be black South Africans.
Regardless of stated or imagined intentions, Meyer's evidence and analysis clearly proves that the Jewish functionaries and intermediaries of the Association helped organize and execute the dispossession and deportation of their own people for the Nazi regime.
Particularly, here I will tackle the commodification and dispossession of citizenship in the neoliberal state through the politics of privatization, expressly what in post-socialist Romania took the form of property restitution (retrocedari) that affects individuals and families pushed to precarious housing conditions.
I can only hope that we are justified by the law and we can see an end to the unfair and unjust dispossession of our hard-earned fortunes.
It may seem strange to quote the actressSaffronBurrows,butsheoncewrotethat "the imagination needs art in order to process pain, dispossession and desolation, as well as the other passionate extremities of human thought: love, yearning, desire and, of course, beauty".
It would not be surprising if the percentage of current large properties that were acquired by legitimate means (in other words, without involving blood, dispossession or any type of fraud) is in the range of only 10% to 25%, depending on your definition of legitimacy.
In doing this, Curr's book obfuscated his own role in the original dispossession, but Furphy also succeeds in linking the publication of the book to Curr's contemporary attempts at continued dispossession and de-legitimation of Aboriginal communities as a colonial official.
Decades of dispossession and discrimination: Umm al-Hiran While the Prawer Plan has made international headlines, Israel's Bedouin have suffered from dispossession and discrimination since the state was established.
In 2003, geographer David Harvey named the commodification of land and expulsion of the indigenous people "accumulation by dispossession.
The work begins with analysis of the discourse of discovery as a European historical concept, explaining how Europeans relied on a language of discovery to describe their experiences in an unknown place and developed it into the teleology of conquest and dispossession.
The influx of Damascus Palestinians displaced into the camp by Asad and dispossession of thousands of Negev Bedouins by Israel also featured high on Abu-Ardat's-Bahiyyeh Hariri talks.
In case of total dispossession the purchaser may claim from the seller and have recourse against him in respect of the value of the loss sustained and loss of profit because of the dispossession of the thing sold.