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dispossess of (something)

To take one's possession. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dispossess" and "of." If you don't pay your mortgage, you'll be dispossessed of your house before long.
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dispossess someone of something

to separate someone from a possession. Do you intend to dispossess us of our home? They were dispossessed of the only possessions they had.
See also: dispossess, of
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The agency also apparently favors permanently dispossessing 350 Hill Manor families, assuming current tenants will get first crack at the 75 subsidized townhouses it plans for the site.
Dispossessing a defender, Tynan got to the by-line to cross for onrushing midfielder James Cummins to score the opener after just three minutes.
Francis scored the second in the 23rd minute, dispossessing Danny Hollands before firing a 25-yard shot.
Davies set up Oxford's 66th-minute opener, dispossessing Clarke before crossing for Eric Sabin to convert.
Tommy Mooney opened the scoring for the hosts, dispossessing Leo Roget before chipping Jamie Ashdown.