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dispossess of (something)

To take one's possession. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dispossess" and "of." If you don't pay your mortgage, you'll be dispossessed of your house before long.
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dispossess someone of something

to separate someone from a possession. Do you intend to dispossess us of our home? They were dispossessed of the only possessions they had.
See also: dispossess, of
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It is no surprise then that the dispossessed are taking their grievances both to the European Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of the Republic.
On the contrary, writing an engaging novel like The Dispossessed places demands on an author that defy the tidiness of philosophical system-building.
On the one hand, social historians sought to recapture the lives and experiences of the working class and other dispossessed groups.
Nelson's visit to the black village of Triolet in Mauritius provokes thoughts of African legacy and the lives of the dispossessed.
Castro's nationalization of private property generated thousands of dispossessed claimants.
The figures sweetly derange any straightforward political program by invoking various others: They become hoboes representing those dispossessed by Operation Freedom as well as America's own homeless.
Meanwhile, the black poor--homeless, separated from loved ones, dispossessed, it seemed, from the face of the earth--shuffled from one ludicrous and inadequate sports stadium to another, or they took up living like carrion under bridges on interstate highways.
They're concerned with the usual angst, exploration, and antics of the average dispossessed, but written very lucidly and with feeling.
Diamond's book provides a relatively brief and clear explanation of the internal characteristics of Iraq that made any transition, however wise and well-managed, exceptionally difficult, especially the inherent conflicts of interest among the long-oppressed majority Shiites, the newly dispossessed and fearful Sunni, and the Kurds, who had enjoyed semi- autonomy before the invasion.
And I have to wonder: What in this religious woman, this spiritual mother and grandmother, this sister to the poor and dispossessed, was so threatening that someone had to execute her?
The people they met unknowingly challenged them to try to make a difference to the dispossessed and poverty-stricken in their world.
He dismisses the issue of justice to the oppressed and the dispossessed, and consequently and indirectly lends support to the powerful occupiers of Palestinian land who have caused a kind of a "tsunami" there with huge devastation, immense suffering and death.
The poor, the desperate, the orphaned and the dispossessed will be helped to smile again.
Public urban space tends toward this condition of auto-desert, populated by the poor and dispossessed.