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cast aside

1. To physically move something that is blocking one's path. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cast" and "aside." Sorry there's so much junk in here right now—just cast those books aside and have a seat.
2. To ignore, overlook, or reject someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cast" and "aside." Of course I'm not trying to cast you aside, you're my best friend! I simply haven't had time to call you this week. To attempt that daring jump on your bike, you'll need to cast aside your fears.
See also: aside, cast

dispose of (someone or something)

1. To get rid of someone or something. The CEO is apt to dispose of any manager who does not agree with him all the time. After our basement flooded, we had to dispose of most of the boxes we’d stored down there.
2. To settle or resolve something. Jean is the best editor in the writing center, so she'll definitely dispose of any issue in your paper.
3. To relocate, sell, or give something away. Once I move into the city, I'll need to dispose of my car.
4. slang To kill someone. We need to dispose of the informant before he goes running to the police again.
See also: dispose, of

cast someone aside

 and cast someone off; cast someone away
Fig. to dispose of someone; to reject or discard someone. He simply cast his wife aside, and that was it.
See also: aside, cast

cast something aside

 and cast something off; cast something away
to throw something away. You can't just cast aside a new coat that you've only worn once.
See also: aside, cast

dispose of someone

Sl. to kill someone. (See also dispose of someone or something.) Max suggested that he would dispose of Lefty if Lefty continued to be a pest. The boss ordered Max to dispose of Lefty.
See also: dispose, of

dispose of someone or something

to get rid of someone or something. (See also dispose of someone.) How can I dispose of this bothersome customer? Where shall I dispose of this wastepaper?
See also: dispose, of

Man proposes, God disposes.

Prov. People may make plans, but they cannot control the outcome of their plans. Jill: Are you really going to be able to finish writing your novel by the end of the year? Bob: Man proposes, God disposes.
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dispose of

1. Attend to, settle, deal with, as in He quickly disposed of the problem. [Early 1600s]
2. Transfer, part with, as by giving away or selling. For example, They wanted to dispose of the land as soon as possible. [Second half of 1600s]
3. Get rid of, throw out, as in Can we dispose of the trash in this barrel? Oliver Goldsmith had this idiom in She Stoops to Conquer (1773): "I'm disposing of the husband before I have secured the lover." [Mid-1600s]
4. Kill or destroy; also, humorously, consume. For example, The king was determined to dispose of his enemies, or John disposed of the cake in no time. [Second half of 1800s]
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cast aside

1. To throw or push something or someone out of the way: I cast my coat aside so that he could sit down. She cast aside the boxes in front of the door.
2. To reject or disregard something or someone: The commander cast aside all caution and ordered the troops to charge the fort. I knew you would cast me aside once you became famous.
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dispose of

1. To throw out or get rid of something: The government hired contractors to dispose of the nuclear waste.
2. To settle or attend to some problem, question, or situation: We quickly disposed of the problem before anyone found out.
3. To transfer or part with something, as by giving away or selling it: The bank disposed of its bad loans.
4. To kill or destroy someone: The dictator disposed of all his enemies.
See also: dispose, of

dispose of someone

in. to kill someone. The boss ordered Max to dispose of Lefty.
See also: dispose, of
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I HAVE a low energy light bulb that needs disposing of.
Phase 1 Cancel lightning m about 520 with disposal, removal of loose gravel, material temporarily store approximately 1 250 square meters, picking up and disposing of extensive green roof about 250 square meters; dismantling existing foil seal and dispose of about 200 square meters; expand forehand heat insulation and temporarily store approximately 200 sq.
We believe that it has made the public more aware on the danger of carelessly disposing of mobile phones and batteries which make up the bulk of e-waste," said Zain Bahrain's Corporate Communications manager Samya Hussein.
The pendency was reduced to 1,703 cases by disposing of 135 cases during the month of November, 2009.
So for the time being, private practices have to use their own means in disposing their waste," he said, adding that hefty fines are imposed on health care centres if they violate the rules.
One NorthEast is meeting the immediate cost of disposing of sheep carcases, a responsibility which would usually fall on farmers.
But, if the issue goes to court, the maximum penalty for illegally disposing waste could be as high as pounds 50,000 and up to five years' imprisonment.
Some batteries are considered hazardous material and you must take special precautions when handling and disposing of them.
The packaging bag is a longitudinally elongated shape and has a cutting portion for separating into a first bag fraction and a second bag fraction, and said used substance disposing sheet is fixed inside of the second bag fraction and extends from the second bag fraction.
For practical commercial and legal reasons, restrictive covenants are frequently made by the parent entity of a business group rather than by a subsidiary entity actually disposing of shares or a partnership interest in another entity.
1245(b)(9), which provides that a taxpayer disposing of more than one amortizable Sec.
eneloop' is a product that proposes a new lifestyle - one without disposing of batteries.
The DOE is ahead of schedule on packaging nuclear materials for disposal, disposing of low-level waste, and removing buildings, but lags on the tougher and costlier tasks of disposing of transuranic and radioactive tank wastes and closing tanks that contained radioactive waste.
The neighbors' attorney, Anthony Patchett, rebutted Moll, saying the business is not operating within legal limits and that the order will bar the company from treating or disposing of any hazardous wastes.
of Monongahela paid a $6,500 penalty for disposing of source-separated recyclables in California.
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