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A quick snap of those mighty jaws would dispose of one of them before the other realized that they were attacked, and the second would fall an easy prey to the strength, agility and ferocity of a second quick charge.
It may be easy to dispose of one's true self but it is extremely challenging to rebuild a new side to you, knowing that it takes practice to make that person perfect.
The cabinet also decided to maintain the support price for 40 kg wheat at Rs1300 and deliberated the policy to dispose of one million tonnes surplus wheat.
He also said that around 2 billion rupees allocation is required from PSDP, if we want to dispose of one million tons garbage daily from the city of Karachi.
He had two packages of heroin and he tried to dispose of one package, and the Class A drugs were worth PS890.
under which it has agreed to dispose of one of the two Arjan plots of land currently owned by Tejoori and part of Tejoori's investment portfolio, for a cash consideration of approximately USD 3.7m, the company said.
The a good barricade quit 144 metres on a lawn, But additionally they do you know a more satisfactory job of organizing Denver's analyze alternatives attack unlike their precious first seeing and as soon as they got over to a huge take, I would say some sort of Broncos could dispose of one thinking that used right straight to great England's power..
A business might have many reasons to dispose of one or more of its assets and replace those assets with different but similar assets.
Currently, Chelmsford residents are able to dispose of one bulky item without additional charge for every non-holiday week of the year.
As soon as we dispose of one case we come to know some more people are missing.
Businesses in Eugene that dispose of one cubic yard of waste every week would see their monthly rate increase by $2.81, up to almost $73.
Dealers will probably get PS200 to PS250 for a donkey at an abattoir while getting a vet to dispose of one animal will cost PS300."
It is not going to improve the city if you dispose of one of the jewels in Birmingham's crown.
The Executive Council has approved the tariff to be Dh225 per tonne annually, which is equivalent to 45 per cent of the cost incurred by the government to dispose of one tonne waste, Al Amri explained.
BankMuscat also expects the company to dispose of one to two vessels every year.