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at (one's) disposal

Ready and available to help or serve one. If you need anything during your stay, our staff is at your disposal. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm at your disposal if you need help with anything.
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at the disposal of (someone)

Ready and available to help or serve someone. Our staff is at the disposal of anyone staying at our hotel, so please let us know if you need anything. The law firm agreed to keep a whole team of legal experts at the disposal of the company.
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be at (one's) disposal

To be ready and available to help or serve one. If you need anything during your stay, our staff is at your disposal. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm at your disposal, if you need help with anything.
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put (someone, something, or oneself) at (one's) disposal

To make someone, something, or oneself ready and available to help or serve one. This is my butler—I have put him at your disposal for your time with us at the manor. My parents said they'd put their apartment in London at our disposal during our vacation.
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put someone or something at someone's disposal

to make someone or something available to someone; to offer someone or something to someone. I'd be glad to help you if you need me. I put myself at your disposal. I put my car at my neighbor's disposal.
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put at someone's disposal

Allow one to use, as in They put their car at our disposal for our entire stay. This idiom employs disposal in the sense of "the liberty or power to use something," a usage dating from the early-1600s.
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at your/somebody’s disˈposal

available for use as you prefer/somebody prefers: He will have a car at his disposal for the whole month.Well, I’m at your disposal (= I am ready to help you in any way I can).
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Muhammad Ilyas, a grade-19 (acting charge) officer of PSP, presently serving in National Police Academy under Interior Division, was transferred and his services were placed at disposal of Intelligence Bureau and Asif Amin Awan, a garde-18 officer of the PSP, presently serving under government of Punjab, was transferred and his services were placed at the disposal of Ministry of Communication for further posting in NH and MP.
Two officials Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Mujtaba Piracha as well as Capt (retired) Saif Anjum were transferred and their services placed at the disposal of Balochistan government.
In 2007, Toyo in Kochi Prefecture applied for an examination of a site for final disposal of high-level radioactive waste, but the application was withdrawn after a fierce backlash from residents.
A number of garbage disposals have been recalled in the U.S.
Turn off the power and water, then unplug the disposal. (If it's hardwired, turn off the breaker.) Remove the rubber baffle inside the drain-- most just lift out--and shine a flashlight into the hole.
Advanced Disposal provides integrated, non- hazardous solid waste collection, recycling and disposal services to residential, commercial, industrial and construction customers across 18 states and the Bahamas.
4 September 2013 - US-based NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL) said it had taken over the water disposal operations of Texas-based Coastal Plains Disposal LLC for USD109.5m (EUR83m) in cash plus 222,381 common units.
| Cornforth Walk - partial disposal for a 16 unit dementia unit with open space substantially retained and landscaping and tree planting to soften the impact of the development.
* First, after running it, pour a bit of dish soap inside and let the disposal run for a minute or so.
Used sharps are a biomedical hazard as incorrect disposal could lead to needle-stick injuries (NSIs),2 posing the risk of contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B or C and other blood-borne diseases.
A West Texas lawmaker has introduced legislation in the Texas House of Representatives to clarify the rules on importation of low-level radioactive waste for disposal in Texas.
One of the most challenging implied tasks generated from the President's retrograde order is the proper disposal of DoD property located in Iraq.
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