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display (something) to (someone)

To show or present something to someone. You'll have to display your credentials to the guard before you can enter.
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display of force

A display of one's power, influence, or capability to cause harm, meant to act as a warning or deterrent to others. The president said that such a display of force will be treated as an act of aggression by the foreign country and could lead to a declaration of war. The march by union organizers is intended as a display of force to politicians threatening to weaken their bargaining powers.
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on display

In front of everyone; for public viewing. The talent on display in this game is downright remarkable. Please lower your voice—I'd rather not put our personal problems on display in front of the entire neighborhood.
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public display of affection

A physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others. Often shortened to the abbreviation "PDA." I really wish you didn't have such a hang-up over public displays of affection—no one cares if we have a quick kiss out in the open! When we go out, my girlfriend is always trying to hold my hand or kiss me, even though she knows that any public display of affection makes me uncomfortable. I don't mind PDAs in general, but teenagers take it way too far.
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put (something) on display

1. Literally, to put something in such a place that other people will see it. Well, naturally, if the store owner doesn't put my bath bombs on display, they're not going to sell. I always try to put my kids' artwork on display on the fridge, but I'm running out of space!
2. To demonstrate or reveal something in public view. Miller certainly came to play tonight and put her formidable talent on display. Please lower your voice—I'd rather not put our personal problems on display for the entire neighborhood.
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display something to someone

to show something to someone. The peacock displayed his tail feathers to the other birds. Would you please display the artwork to the committee?
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on display

In public view; for all to see.
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Italian producer of complete PVC calendering lines, displaying information on newly improved take-off for calenders.
Displaying real-time video and data monitoring of foam tray extruder running at Commodore's plant.
Also displaying new XP Express roll stand with gel-detection camera, new lab QC line, and a cotton-swab production line, running at the show.
Displaying new 1.25-in., 24:1 coextruder with slimmer, shorter design.
Also displaying screws with carbide and other coatings.
Displaying 7-layer coex blown film line with new AES7 controls.
Displaying downstream equipment for wire and cable: air wipe, payout, and take-up stand.
Also displaying Aurex ultrasonic wall-thickness measurement and flaw detection for pressure pipe.
Displaying screen packs and screens for blown film, as well as copper gauze to clean screws and breaker plates.
Also displaying IS-IBC2 IBC; seal-cut MD sealing unit; and a Gammatec blown film sizing cage.
Also displaying Accuprobe, a small, inexpensive gamma backscatter thickness gauge; Minitrack single-sided sensor with XRB laser thickness sensor; and FG 710 gauge running on Accutrak.