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display (something) to (someone)

To show or present something to someone. You'll have to display your credentials to the guard before you can enter.
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display of force

A display of one's power, influence, or capability to cause harm, meant to act as a warning or deterrent to others. The president said that such a display of force will be treated as an act of aggression by the foreign country and could lead to a declaration of war. The march by union organizers is intended as a display of force to politicians threatening to weaken their bargaining powers.
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on display

In front of everyone; for public viewing. The talent on display in this game is downright remarkable. Please lower your voice—I'd rather not put our personal problems on display in front of the entire neighborhood.
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public display of affection

A physical act of intimacy between a romantic couple done in the view of others. Often shortened to the abbreviation "PDA." I really wish you didn't have such a hang-up over public displays of affection—no one cares if we have a quick kiss out in the open! When we go out, my girlfriend is always trying to hold my hand or kiss me, even though she knows that any public display of affection makes me uncomfortable. I don't mind PDAs in general, but teenagers take it way too far.
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display something to someone

to show something to someone. The peacock displayed his tail feathers to the other birds. Would you please display the artwork to the committee?
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on display

In public view; for all to see.
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First North American showing of Double Downstream calibration table and cooling tanks, displayed with two different window-profile tools.
Later, she wanted to know if the monument could be displayed simply because it is 44 years old and might be of historic value.
Figure 1 shows examples of text that have been scanned and then converted into levels of gray for display, along with somewhat equivalent examples of what structured text looks like both displayed and printed.
Text can be displayed in English, French and German.
The video-enhanced projector is HDTV compatible, automatically resizing 1080i and 720p images for 16:9 wide-aspect display; 480p, 480i and 625i component video signals and S-Video can also be displayed in either 4:3 or 16:9.
Religious Right activists insist that the justices must permit some Commandments displays, arguing that the Decalogue is displayed at the high court itself.
Noncontact, hand-held infrared thermometers measure from 0 to 1600 F/C with quich readings displayed to 0.1 F resolution on LCD.
Thompson pointed out that a statue of Moses holding tablets that represent the Ten Commandments is displayed at the U.S.
Noncontact, handheld infrared thermometers measure from 0 to 1600 F/C with quick readings displayed to 0.1[degrees] F resolution on LCD.
For months, members of the Alabama House and Senate have debated the amendment, which would allow the Commandments to be displayed in any public building.
In response, Moore displayed his hand-carved plaque in his outer office three weeks after being sworn in.
Noncontact, hand-held infrared thermometers measure from 0 to 1600 F/C with quick readings displayed to 0.1[degrees] F resolution on LCD.
A Ten Commandments plaque had been displayed at the statehouse since 1958 but was removed in 1991 after it was vandalized.