dispatch from

dispatch (someone or something) from (some place)

To send someone or something from one place to another. When I got their phone call, I immediately dispatched an ambulance from the nearest hospital.
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dispatch someone from (some place)

to send someone from some place. I dispatched a messenger from here over an hour ago. A telegram will be dispatched from my office first thing in the morning.
See also: dispatch
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References in classic literature ?
Almost at the same moment in which the Secretary of Marine, the vice-president of the Gun Club, and the sub-director of the Observatory received the dispatch from San Francisco, the Honorable J.
At that exact moment your friend, mother, or son sends a Dispatch from the front line of their adventures, you can now keep up to date on the iPhone.
North-East hero Admiral Lord Collingwood's dispatch from Trafalgar which reduced King George III to tears was returned to Tyneside yesterday.
It was the last dispatch from Sean Burch, shortly after he hiked to the top of the world, the summit of Mount Everest on May 22.