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dispatch (someone or something) from (some place)

To send someone or something from one place to another. When I got their phone call, I immediately dispatched an ambulance from the nearest hospital.
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dispatch (someone or something) to (someone, something, or some place)

To send someone or something to a particular person, place, or thing. When I got their phone call, I immediately dispatched an ambulance to the scene of the crash.
See also: dispatch

dispatch someone from (some place)

to send someone from some place. I dispatched a messenger from here over an hour ago. A telegram will be dispatched from my office first thing in the morning.
See also: dispatch

dispatch someone or something to someone or something

to send someone or something to someone, something, or some place. I will dispatch a new copy of the damaged book to you immediately. Gene will dispatch a messenger to you.
See also: dispatch

send someone into something

 and send someone in
to make someone go into something or some place. George sent me into the house for a hammer. The boys know where it is. He should have sent in the boys. George sent me in.
See also: send

send something into something

 and send something in
to dispatch something, such as an order, to a company or other body making a public offer of goods. I sent the order in to the home office. I sent in the order.
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be mentioned in dispatches

be commended for your actions. British
In official military reports from the front line any soldiers who have been responsible for particular acts of bravery are commended by name.
See also: dispatch, mention
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We explored many new delivery options for AmiPro, 123 Release 4, Organizer, SmartSuite, and Freelance Graphics products, and what attracted us most to Software Dispatch was the intuitive and easy-to-use interface," said Steve O'Neill, Director of OEM sales and marketing for Lotus.
Switching from an antiquated pager system to Dispatch Edition in just two months put us in control of our re-deliveries and messages," said Seattle Times Company Home Delivery Manager Gary Mendes.
Literally speaking, Direct Dispatch takes the trouble out of reporting trouble tickets," Nancy Gofus, vice president of MCI Business Markets, said.
E[acute accent]NOTE TO EDITORS: To request screen captures for Visual Dispatch Plus, please contact Cindy Nelson at cnelson@tmwsystems.
MDSI owns, develops, markets, installs and services Utility Computer-Aided Dispatch System (U-CAD) software for mobile service fleets in the electric and gas utilities and cable T.
In most of these cases, Service Dispatch offers an ideal solution," said Steve Safley, vice president of agent channel sales at Optivon.
CCC Autoverse Repair Management Dispatch - Helps seamlessly balance workload and optimize cycle times for multi-location collision repair facilities, CCC Autoverse Repair Management Dispatch is a web-based feature that offers increased visibility into operations to deliver faster and more efficient service to vehicle owners.
The market attractiveness analysis and Porter's five forces analysis included in the report provides insight into industry competition, market dynamics, and the most profitable segments in the dispatch console market.
Key Topics Covered: Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Executive Summary Chapter 3 Global Dispatch Console Market Overview Chapter 4 Global Dispatch Console Market, by Application Chapter 5 Global Dispatch Console Market, by Geography Chapter 6 Company Profiles - Avtec Inc.
The dispatching portion of the CADVoice(R) system automatically creates and sends a clear, accent-neutral dispatch announcement about a fire or medical emergency to designated fire rescue and emergency medical stations and/or rescue units in the field.
Fieldwork for an audit of the Fire Department turned up questions about whether the agency truly needs the dispatch center, part of a $127 million public safety complex being built in Little Tokyo.
Whether it is routing software, dispatch management software or other types of software, having an integrated system reduces the possibility of duplication of efforts and creates a very efficient system," says Beers.
Further changes, especially in the area of emergency medical dispatch, currently are being implemented.