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be mentioned in dispatches

To be recognized for one's bravery or heroism, as of a member of the military. Primarily heard in UK. You'll be mentioned in dispatches for saving so many men in your platoon.
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dispatch (someone or something) from (some place)

To send someone or something from one place to another. When I got their phone call, I immediately dispatched an ambulance from the nearest hospital.
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dispatch (someone or something) to (someone, something, or some place)

To send someone or something to a particular person, place, or thing. When I got their phone call, I immediately dispatched an ambulance to the scene of the crash.
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hatches, matches, and despatches

dated A phrase once used to refer to the sections of newspapers that discussed births ("hatches"), weddings ("matches)", and deaths ("despatches," a variant spelling of "dispatches"). No, those two did get married—I saw it in the hatches, matches, and despatches.
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dispatch someone from (some place)

to send someone from some place. I dispatched a messenger from here over an hour ago. A telegram will be dispatched from my office first thing in the morning.
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dispatch someone or something to someone or something

to send someone or something to someone, something, or some place. I will dispatch a new copy of the damaged book to you immediately. Gene will dispatch a messenger to you.
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send someone into something

 and send someone in
to make someone go into something or some place. George sent me into the house for a hammer. The boys know where it is. He should have sent in the boys. George sent me in.
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send something into something

 and send something in
to dispatch something, such as an order, to a company or other body making a public offer of goods. I sent the order in to the home office. I sent in the order.
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hatches, matches, and despatches

the births, marriages, and deaths columns in a newspaper. humorous, dated
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be mentioned in dispatches

be commended for your actions. British
In official military reports from the front line any soldiers who have been responsible for particular acts of bravery are commended by name.
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