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dismount from (something)

To climb or hop off of something The gymnast dismounted from the balance beam with a series of flips.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

One engaging in a risky or dangerous endeavor may find it easier to continue with it rather than facing the consequences of attempting to quit or abandon it. It has now become obvious that our country has been riding a tiger with our military intervention in this region—he who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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dismount from something

to get down from something, such as a horse, bicycle, etc. She dismounted from her horse and fled into the house. Please dismount from the bicycle and wheel it into the shed.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

Prov. Sometimes it is more dangerous to stop doing a dangerous thing than it is to continue doing it. Jill: You shouldn't take out another loan. You're already too far in debt. Jane: If I don't take out a loan, I can't make the payments on the loans I already have. You know how it is—she who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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involuntary dismount

n. falling off a bike or motorcycle. He impacted a monolith and suffered an involuntary dismount.
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Craine later upstaged the Italian main attraction by treating racegoers to a Dettori-style flying dismount from En Retard after the filly scored a narrow win in the Smirnoff Liberator Handicap over five furlongs, the second leg of a fine double.
These four held the graceful cobweb upright while I climbed into the saddle; they formed in column and marched on either side of me while the Expert pushed behind; all hands assisted at the dismount.
As the vehicles began to slow down (but not stop), the ramps came down and the dismounts were in position before the ramp hit the ground.
During limited visibility, the dismounts taped IR chemlights and a strip of thermal tape to the bicycle flags, and VS-17 panels to signal location, shift fire, and cease-fire.
Command and control is very difficult to maintain when the platoon leader dismounts with three nine-man squads of infantry Soldiers.
as well as a trademark flying dismount for his new fans-with three winners, and also used the visit to recharge his batteries at the end of a long season, which has still to take in the big races in Hong Kong at the weekend.
The pilots would then look for a suitable landing zone for the helicopters far enough ahead of the vehicle to allow time for the Soldiers to dismount the helicopter and reach the road to stop the vehicle.
From satchel charges to line charges to "ear muff" charges for concrete blocks, the dismounts must be able to assess, prepare, and execute numerous demolition tasks.
Collective training for the dismounts is the culmination of all the preliminary weapons training and qualification, specialty skill training, and low level collective training conducted during sergeant's time.
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