dismount from

dismount from (something)

To climb or hop off of something The gymnast dismounted from the balance beam with a series of flips.
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dismount from something

to get down from something, such as a horse, bicycle, etc. She dismounted from her horse and fled into the house. Please dismount from the bicycle and wheel it into the shed.
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References in classic literature ?
The Biscayan, when he saw him coming on, though he wished to dismount from his mule, in which, being one of those sorry ones let out for hire, he had no confidence, had no choice but to draw his sword; it was lucky for him, however, that he was near the coach, from which he was able to snatch a cushion that served him for a shield; and they went at one another as if they had been two mortal enemies.
A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said the man asking people to dismount from their bikes was not employed by them, but by a contractor.
PAUL O'NEILL was yesterday banned for 16 days for failing to dismount from a lame horse at Taunton a fortnight ago.
"This is an absolute requirement for soldiers who might have to quickly dismount from a HMMWV for combat or security operations," said Claiborne.
"He failed to dismount from an obviously injured horse and, moreover, appeared to ride the horse over the line to be placed fourth.
FRANKIE DETTORI's trademark flying dismount from Dubai Destination wowed the crowds at Ascot yesterday - but the Italian is simply not putting his back into it like New Zealand counterpart Clayton Chipperfield.