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dismount from (something)

To climb or hop off of something The gymnast dismounted from the balance beam with a series of flips.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

proverb One engaging in a risky or dangerous endeavor may find it easier to continue with it rather than facing the consequences of attempting to quit or abandon it. It has now become obvious that our country has been riding a tiger with our military intervention in this region—he who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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involuntary dismount

A fall, typically off of something being ridden, such as a bike, motorcycle, or horse. Did you her about Tara? Her involuntary dismount yesterday earned her a trip to the OR and two months in a cast. I gave up motorcycles after one too many involuntary dismounts.
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dismount from something

to get down from something, such as a horse, bicycle, etc. She dismounted from her horse and fled into the house. Please dismount from the bicycle and wheel it into the shed.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

Prov. Sometimes it is more dangerous to stop doing a dangerous thing than it is to continue doing it. Jill: You shouldn't take out another loan. You're already too far in debt. Jane: If I don't take out a loan, I can't make the payments on the loans I already have. You know how it is—she who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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involuntary dismount

n. falling off a bike or motorcycle. He impacted a monolith and suffered an involuntary dismount.
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--The sapper platoon consisted of three Engineer Support Variants (ESVs--including one mine clearing plow and one mine clearing roller), three dismounted sapper squads, one mine-clearing line charge (MICLIC), and one Volcano on a load-handling system.
But Conwy council has erected four signs telling cyclists to dismount because of "reduced headroom".
'Cyclists dismount' signs had been erected at every one.
Finally you come to the voluntary dismount; you learned the other kind first of all.
"The BHA believes it was correct that the stewards held an inquiry into Mr Hughes's pulling up of Clondaw Draft after the line, as it was apparent the horse was not dismounted immediately when it had appeared to have gone lame when pulled up to a trot after the finishing line," a BHA statement read.
and what show cycle was l y -by dismount walk Park investment When Enough with the gimmicks which just serve as a fig leaf for lack of investmentent in sustainable transport Ed Bridges
This event will be over three rounds with riders gradually being eliminated resulting in just a single winner.The first round will be held over a course of fences at 70cms, elimination comes with a dismount or three refusals, the points gained in this round will be carried over to round two.Round two is a speed round with fences raised to 80cms, elimination again comes with a dismount or three refusals, the points from this round are added to the first round and the top 25 per cent of horses and riders will continue to round three.In round three, the fences will start at 90cms.
In a Warrior vehicle behind the dismount team was Paul Brinkworth, a 2 Royal Welsh private, who watched as Cpl Joszko raised his arm-before being blown away almost immediately.
There are times during patrols that soldiers are required to dismount to conduct routine checks and this is what happened here."
Jason said: "The cover is meant to hold the mats together so I don't fall through the middle when I dismount, I like to do a double somersault for my dismount but I'm having to just do singles at the moment because I can't land too hard.
The disadvantage here is that when you dismount the horse, also from the left side, you end up with the horse between you and the rifle--which is inconvenient for quick shooting.
And the Italian celebrated the one-and-a-quarter-length success by producing his trademark flying dismount, the first time he has done so since breaking his leg in the tragic plane crash back in June.
DONALD McCAIN has backed Brian Hughes in his appeal against a ten-day ban handed out by the Stratford stewards following a prolonged inquiry on Sunday, when the jockey found himself in hot water for failing to dismount winner Clondaw Draft quickly enough after the horse had pulled up feelingly.
The PRO 999D PLUS RA TC is also equipped with right aid arm HF200A, two pressing positions, and tire support plate to dismount flat and large tires easily to minimize labor time.
The bilingual 'cyclists dismount' sign at the busy Barons Court roundabout between Penarth and Cardiff became 'llid y bledren dymchwelyd' ('bladder inflammation overturn' - or alternatively tip, overturn or overthrow) in Welsh.