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dismount from (something)

To climb or hop off of something The gymnast dismounted from the balance beam with a series of flips.
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dismount from something

to get down from something, such as a horse, bicycle, etc. She dismounted from her horse and fled into the house. Please dismount from the bicycle and wheel it into the shed.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

Prov. Sometimes it is more dangerous to stop doing a dangerous thing than it is to continue doing it. Jill: You shouldn't take out another loan. You're already too far in debt. Jane: If I don't take out a loan, I can't make the payments on the loans I already have. You know how it is—she who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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involuntary dismount

n. falling off a bike or motorcycle. He impacted a monolith and suffered an involuntary dismount.
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Iain Hayes, of Conwy council's environment service, said: "Cyclists are asked to dismount because the headroom in the underpass structure is below the minimum standard.
I've got competitions coming up in the next couple of weeks and I can't practise my dismounts in case I get injured.
Morgan Hamm falls on his dismount from the pommel horse, but the U.
Monsignor spooked quite badly when he first came into the parade ring, but Frankie settled him and calmed him enough to go round the parade ring a couple of times and then even managed a flying dismount with the torch still in his hand.
Cyclists dismount is an awkward sentence to translate as there is no Welsh word for dismount,' he added.
Traditionally, cyclocross races are held in the winter, often in cold, rainy, muddy conditions, and include barrier sections where riders have to dismount and carry their bikes.
Cyclists are catered for in the proposals, but they face diversions and will be forced to dismount at a number of places.
And the beaming Italian superstar decided to fling his goggles into the crowd before he delivered a flying dismount, normally reserved for Group 1 triumphs.
Jockeys were instructed to dismount as soon as they crossed the finishing line, with winner Ballabriggs the focus of most of the attention as groundstaff tried to cool him with buckets of water.
The door enables utilizing the extraordinarily long length of 44" inasmuch that when the operator is ready to dismount the tool, he opens the door, and only has to make a vertical lift of 10" for the tool to clear the post and be dismounted.
Forklift truck drivers often leave their vehicle's engine running when they dismount to carry out quick tasks, talk to a colleague, or are simply left waiting for a period of time.
shocked everyone with a double-flip- with-two-twists dismount off the bars.
After watching a video recording of the incident, the stewards considered Quinn had not only failed to dismount but had appeared to push his mount over the line in order to secure fourth place after being passed by two other horses.
This enables teams to participate in simulated maneuvers including live interaction with friends or foes, continued tracking of soldiers after they dismount in Combat Vehicle Simulators, or tracking of shooters in a shoot house.