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dismount from (something)

To climb or hop off of something The gymnast dismounted from the balance beam with a series of flips.
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dismount from something

to get down from something, such as a horse, bicycle, etc. She dismounted from her horse and fled into the house. Please dismount from the bicycle and wheel it into the shed.
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He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

Prov. Sometimes it is more dangerous to stop doing a dangerous thing than it is to continue doing it. Jill: You shouldn't take out another loan. You're already too far in debt. Jane: If I don't take out a loan, I can't make the payments on the loans I already have. You know how it is—she who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
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involuntary dismount

n. falling off a bike or motorcycle. He impacted a monolith and suffered an involuntary dismount.
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WE GAVE them what they wanted," - the words of Frankie Dettori after treating a big crowd at Tralee to a well-executed victory on Allotrope and one of his famous flying dismounts at Ballybeggan Park last night.
Barry Simpson, racing manager to leading owner Sir Robert Ogden, who has horses with O'Neill, said Chipperfield would have to choose the right time to perform his dismount.
The platoon leader did not have radio communications with his three dismount squad elements and had to rely upon hand and arm signals as the primary means of communication.
The Dismount Detection Radar system is a project led by Raytheon.
The pilots would then look for a suitable landing zone for the helicopters far enough ahead of the vehicle to allow time for the Soldiers to dismount the helicopter and reach the road to stop the vehicle.
Jockey Paul Harvey, who dismounted shortly after passing the post, said: "He put in a few short strides on pulling up, so I thought it best to dismount.
She broke her right elbow three years ago attempting a dismount on the uneven bars.
as well as a trademark flying dismount for his new fans-with three winners, and also used the visit to recharge his batteries at the end of a long season, which has still to take in the big races in Hong Kong at the weekend.
Along the trail, riders occasionally dismount and walk or run alongside their horses.
the Blue Seal Stakes on Small Change-and treated the Ascot crowd to his first flying dismount since his return from the broken ankle he suffered in an air crash at Newmarket in June.
This organization of the dismount section was developed to support the mission essential task list (METL) and use the new weapons to their maximum potential.
However, McPhail remains aggrieved over his suspension, for failing to dismount a lame horse, and yesterday claimed officialdom's reading of Jockey Club instruction H18 is causing concern.
2--Color) Sarah Galbawy, 6, spins on her dismount from the pommel horse Tuesday during gymnastics camp in Thousand Oaks.
McPhail is due to miss the entire meeting for picking up a seven-day ban (March 11 to 18) after being found in breach of instruction H19 on Saafi - who finished a distant fifth to Bearys Cross - in that he failed to dismount a lame horse.
A FLYING dismount would not have done justice to Frankie Dettori's feelings yesterday after his wife, Catherine, gave birth to their first child - a boy - at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.