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dismiss (someone or something) as (something)

To reject something as something. The studio may dismiss me as a dumb blonde, but I'll show them how versatile an actress I can be! The candidate dismissed that negative news story about him as a total fabrication.
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dismiss someone

(from something ) (for something) to discharge someone from employment for some reason; to fire someone from a job for some cause. We will have to dismiss him from employment for absenteeism. She was dismissed from the bank for making many errors in one month.

dismiss something as something

to put something out of one's mind or ignore something as something. (The second something can be a noun or an adjective.) I dismissed the whole idea as foolishness. It was not possible to dismiss the whole matter as a one-time happening. Molly dismissed the whole event as accidental.
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508, Orange, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs; uninsured motor vehicle, dismissed.
112, Clinton, disorderly conduct, dismissed; disturbing the peace, responsible, decriminalized, $100 fine; trespassing, dismissed.
unregistered motor vehicle, dismissed; uninsured motor vehicle, dismissed upon payment of $300 in court costs; number plate violation to conceal identity, dismissed; failure to notify Registry of Motor Vehicles of name/address change, dismissed; five counts of miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation, dismissed.
Clinton, failure to stop/yield, dismissed; miscellaneous municipal ordinance/bylaw violation, dismissed; person under 21 possessing liquor, dismissed; possessing a Class E drug, dismissed upon payment of $300 in court costs.
the "Liberation Funds") announced today that on December 22, 2005, the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (the "Court") dismissed as moot a motion by Bally Total Fitness Holding Corporation ("Bally") for a preliminary injunction proceeding against the Liberation Funds in an action brought by Bally to prevent the Liberation Funds from presenting a shareholder proposal at Bally's upcoming annual meeting.
We are pleased that Judge White applied existing antitrust precedent and dismissed plaintiffs' claims that the setting of interchange rates and the merchant discount rates somehow violate the U.
21, 2014, 45-day loss of license, $250 operating under the influence fee, $50 operating under the influence victims assessment, $250 head injury assessment, $50 victim witness assessment; negligent operation of motor vehicle, dismissed; marked lanes violation, responsible, filed; malicious destruction of property over $250, dismissed.
The judge's decision to dismiss the case against DTCC follows a series of nine other case that have been dismissed or withdrawn against DTCC.
Tolson, 30, of the Worcester County House of Correction, assault and battery, dismissed.
Gorton had dismissed the consolidated federal securities class action lawsuit that had been pending against Cytyc and a current and former officer in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.
1, Leominster, assault and battery, dismissed; aggravated assault and battery, dismissed; attempted murder, dismissed; kidnapping, dismissed.
district court judge in Los Angeles dismissed several key claims by comic book publisher Marvel Enterprises, Inc.
Metheun, no inspection sticker, not responsible; operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, dismissed upon payment of $500 in court costs.
On November 19, 1998, the court dismissed the appeal.
E[acute accent]In mid-2003, the special litigation committee concluded that maintenance of the derivative claims was not in the best interest of the corporation and recommended that they be dismissed.