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dismiss (someone or something) as (something)

To reject someone or something by viewing or designating it in a particular way. The studio may dismiss me as a dumb blonde, but I'll show them how versatile an actress I can be! The candidate dismissed the negative report about him as a total fabrication.
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dismiss (someone or something) out of hand

1. To reject, deny, or refuse to listen to someone or something right away, without due discussion or consideration. She's so stubborn that she just dismissed my suggestion out of hand. We'd like to try some alternative treatments. They're a bit unconventional, but please don't dismiss them out of hand. The police dismissed me out of hand when I went to report the crime.
2. To terminate someone's employment without due discussion or consideration. The company dismissed him out of hand when it came to light that he had been accepting bribes. The senator dismissed her aide out of hand for what she said to the press.
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dismiss someone

(from something ) (for something) to discharge someone from employment for some reason; to fire someone from a job for some cause. We will have to dismiss him from employment for absenteeism. She was dismissed from the bank for making many errors in one month.

dismiss something as something

to put something out of one's mind or ignore something as something. (The second something can be a noun or an adjective.) I dismissed the whole idea as foolishness. It was not possible to dismiss the whole matter as a one-time happening. Molly dismissed the whole event as accidental.
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The Appeal Court dismissed his case for lacking in merit.
The bench dismissed a petition challenging nomination papers of Hafiz Shabbir of the PML-N from PP-47, Shakargarh.
17 of the cases have been withdrawn of dismissed while 81 are still pending.
Weeks, 49, of 271 Chestnut St., Clinton, disorderly conduct, subsequent offense, guilty, filed; disturbing the peace, subsequent offense, dismissed; resisting arrest, dismissed; assault, dismissed.
The home club batting first were dismissed for 89, Neil Broughton returning the remarkable figures of 8-6.
Both complaints were dismissed by Federal District Judge Alvin Hellerstein.
Bouscaren and Ellis, in their commentary on Canon 1371, remark as follows: "those who do not seem morally and psychologically suited to the ecclesiastical state should be dismissed from the seminary".
District Court from further collections of money from his prison account for payment of a filing fee in his dismissed civil rights action.
The petition was dismissed on the parties' stipulation on July 23, 2001.
Subjects like extrasensory perception are dismissed neither for their inherent absurdity nor for their inability to conform to an arbitrary set of philosophical criteria.
The Supreme Court decision dismissed the RICO claims against the accountant and narrowed the scope of RICO to exclude professionals who do not direct the conduct of the companies to which they provide accounting services.
Police had to fire several rounds of warning shots and teargas to disperse the rampaging students, who were marching to demand justice for three dismissed lecturers of the school.
Several local government officials have been dismissed permanently by the Ombudsman and barred from public service permanently for grave misconduct, unexplained wealth, abuse of authority and corruption.
Danby, 29, of 227 Sterling St., Clinton, failure to provide DNA database sample, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs.
PESHAWAR, January 27, 2010 (Frontier Star): Provincial Government of NWFP has issued details of 155 employees dismissed from their jobs, who were alleged for having contacts with militants.