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dismiss (someone or something) as (something)

To reject someone or something by viewing or designating it in a particular way. The studio may dismiss me as a dumb blonde, but I'll show them how versatile an actress I can be! The candidate dismissed the negative report about him as a total fabrication.
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dismiss (someone or something) out of hand

1. To reject, deny, or refuse to listen to someone or something right away, without due discussion or consideration. She's so stubborn that she just dismissed my suggestion out of hand. We'd like to try some alternative treatments. They're a bit unconventional, but please don't dismiss them out of hand. The police dismissed me out of hand when I went to report the crime.
2. To terminate someone's employment without due discussion or consideration. The company dismissed him out of hand when it came to light that he had been accepting bribes. The senator dismissed her aide out of hand for what she said to the press.
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dismiss someone

(from something ) (for something) to discharge someone from employment for some reason; to fire someone from a job for some cause. We will have to dismiss him from employment for absenteeism. She was dismissed from the bank for making many errors in one month.

dismiss something as something

to put something out of one's mind or ignore something as something. (The second something can be a noun or an adjective.) I dismissed the whole idea as foolishness. It was not possible to dismiss the whole matter as a one-time happening. Molly dismissed the whole event as accidental.
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While nine other police personnel who were convicted along with the ACP have been dismissed, Rathi continues to hold his post and draws 75 per cent of his salary, an officer said.
Peat, Marwick, Main & Co., also dismissed RICO claims based on the Reves operation and management participation test.
These cases were dismissed on several different grounds, explained Kaminsky, a partner with Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, who represented the Housing Authority on one of the matters reviewed by the Court of Appeals, and has written books on security issues for property owners.
Gilbert Nnaji was dismissed in a judgement delivered by Justice Mary Odili who held that the case was statute barred and, therefore, dismissed the motion on notice brought by Nnaji.
'Lahat 'yan dismissed,' Albayalde said in a press briefing.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court on Wednesday dismissed a petition challenging the nomination papers of Maulana Muaviya Azam Tariq of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) who is contesting election from PP-126, Jhang.
In a poll status as at January 12, released by IEBC on Tuesday, 114 cases have been withdrawn or dismissed and five petitions which have been allowed.
A federal judge has dismissed some portions of a lawsuit filed by a man claiming he was falsely arrested and beaten by Rochester police officers, but most of the complaint was left intact.
Babar Azam played a magnificent knock but fell short of his century when he was dismissed by Imran Tahir for 86.
1F, Haverhill, possession of under one ounce of a Class D substance, responsible, decriminalized, $100 fine; operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, dismissed; uninsured motor vehicle, dismissed upon payment of $200 in court costs; unregistered motor vehicle, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs.
PESHAWAR, March 19, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Federal Interior Ministry has rejected the appeal of 903 dismissed personnel of Frontier Constabulary (FC) for the reinstatement of their jobs and they have been deprived of all the facilities.
PESHAWAR, January 27, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Provincial Government of NWFP has issued details of 155 employees dismissed from their jobs, who were alleged for having contacts with militants.
A Suffolk (Virginia) Circuit Court has dismissed all charges filed by Holland Enterprises, a local construction and demolition landfill company, against the Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) over a program that SPSA offered several years ago.
Staithes dismissed visitors Norton for only 47, Theaker returning 4-12 from 11 overs.
The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that potential jurors cannot be dismissed because they wear religious garb or in some other way identify their religious leanings.